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[U. S. A.]Cascade Mountain Publishing

Avalon / Once and Future

Text only Written 1998 by G. Kevin "Whizzard" Wilson in TADS.
Runs on:
Notes: This game was announced as Avalon in 1993 and then work progressed over a very long time. Just days before it was finally released, the name Avalon turned out to be taken (game titles can be trademarked) so the game had to be renamed. This is the first commercial release of a text-only game for several years.


Text only Written by Michael Berlyn and Muffy McClung Berlyn.

Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I.

Text only Written by Michael Berlyn and Muffy McClung Berlyn.
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Notes: This is a new version of the game originally released by First Row Software. This version is about twice the size of the original Dumont. Mark Musante ported the original game to Inform, then the original authors revised and expanded it. It has a built-in hint system.

Package blurb:

In the surreal tradition of Tass Times In Tonetown...

Failing physics--again--would be traumatic enough. But now, you're trapped inside a Particle Accelerator and Reality Translation Integrator, the product of mad genius meeting mixed metaphors. Originally designed to help the human mind understand particle physics, the sub-atomic world inside is a strange blend of mysticism and science, of Zen contemplation and Marx Brothers movies. Dr. Gregory Dumont has sucked you into his P.A.R.T.I., but it's no picnic in there.

Cascade Mountain Publishing is proud to announce the release of Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I., their latest full-length interactive fiction adventure. CMP broke onto the scene last year with the long-awaited release of Once and Future, the epic adventure tale that re-established top-quality interactive fiction in the gaming marketplace.

This special release of P.A.R.T.I. revives Dr. Dumont and his bizarre particle accelerator from a decade-long slumber. The new version includes an expanded P.A.R.T.I. world, a built-in hint system, and all of the important contents of Dr. Dumont's desk and cork board!

The new version of P.A.R.T.I. is available for the first time in the popular cross-platform Inform format, making it compatible for systems ranging from palmtops to workstations (and, of course, PCs and Macs for the more conventional gameplayer.)

Explore the wonders of the Science Art Museum (open 24 hours) on your PalmPilot! Visit the UnFair in Linux! Thrill to the Kite Races on your Psion 5! The mysteries of Particle X are in there somewhere, and without your wits and a Diploma of Thought, jealously guarded by the mysterious Professor Parti, it's going to be a long day.

Although Dr. Dumont's input was invaluable, P.A.R.T.I. is the brainchild of the First Couple of interactive fiction, Muffy McClung Berlyn and Michael Berlyn. The Berlyns are behind a number of breakthrough games, including Suspended, Cutthroats, Tass Times In Tonetown, Infidel, and Oo-Topos.

"We're excited about introducing Dr. Dumont to a whole new class of undergrads," says Michael Berlyn, co-author and publisher. "We're dedicated to changing the way people think about text adventures, and I can't think of a better way to change one's perspective than to step inside Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I."

This special release of Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I. is an electronic-only product. For $24.00, you can download the game package from Cascade Mountain's eCommerce server, including an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file containing important documentation and "props" from Dr. Dumont's office.

For more information, see First Row Software

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