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Moving character graphics/Point-n-Click/Music Written 1992 by Mike Dawson and Mike Cranford.
Runs on:

Comments: 'Horror' mystery set in and around a dark and gruesome world based on the drawings of Alien-artist H.R. Giger. Man wakes up in his new house, only to discover that a mirror in the living room is a portal to an alien world, where creatures are planning to conquer our world!

Darkseed II

Written 1995 by David Mullich.
Runs on:

Comments: Widely regarded as one of the worse adventure games of 1995.

Package blurb:

Dark Seed II continues the unending nightmare of Mike Dawson as he recovers from a nervous breakdown from his earlier encounters with the Ancients. Back in his hometown, Mike's high school sweetheart, Rita, is found murdered after the high school reunion. Unfortunately, Mike has no recollection of the events that night, even though he was seen with Rita. Mike becomes the prime suspect and now must work to clear his name. In digging up the dirty little secrets of his neighbors, Mike unwittingly stumbles into the "Dark World", a place he thought he would never see again. The Ancients have returned to exact revenge on Mike and unleash an evil entity into the "Normal World" to destroy mankind. As, Mike Dawson, you must clear your name and stop the Ancients from carrying out their most ingenious scheme yet. Are you up to the challenge?

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

Written by David Mullich.
Runs on:

Notes: Based on Harlan Ellison's short story of the same name. This game won Computer Gaming World's "Best Adventure Game of the Year" award, and the Computer Game Developers' Associations' Spotlight Award for "Best Adaptation from Linear Media." Also available in Spanish.

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