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[U. S. A.]Legend Entertainment Company

Legend Entertainment Company was started in 1989 by Bob Bates and Mike Verdu and is located in northern Virginia, USA. Their early games were illustrated text adventures. In 1993, they broke from the text tradition with Companions of Xanth which was their first game to feature a point-and-click interface.

Since around 1993-1994 they have used different distributors for each game. If nothing else is noted below, they have distributed the game themselves.

In spite of their relative success up to fall 1995, they decided to stop publishing games themselves but instead focus on doing development work for other companies.

Legend Entertainment Company has a homepage at http://www.legendent.com/.

There are inofficial sites about Legend Entertainment Company:

They are or have been distributed by MicroProse, Accolade and Mindscape, Inc.

Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get All the Girls

Type: BG (can play text-only) Written 1990 by Steve Meretzky.
Runs on:

Notes: The games comes on six 3.5" disks and contains an errata card, a Class of '41 orientation guide, man, and a Sorcerer University registration form. There was a hint book available separately for this game.

Package blurb:

Sorcerer University

Dangerously Close to a Real Education

So you want to be a sorcerer, eh? Want to wave that wand of yours in front of beautiful women and watch 'em swoon, don't you? Well, you're definitely going to need magic. And Sorcerer University is the place to get it. Sorcerer U. offers everything an apprentice wizard needs to make it big in the real world.

Social Clubs. Join the famous Tappa Kegga Bru or I Phelta Thi fraternities. Make friendships that last the rest of your life, whether you want them to or not. Attend fun-filled frat parties where the brew is cold, but the women aren't.

Interesting People. Sorcerer University is famous for its friendly and robust student body (quite a few of them, actually) eager to help freshmen find their way around and get the most out of those late night cramming sessions.

Field Trips. Visit the most fascinating places in Peloria, from the Island of Horny Women to the Island Where Time Runs Backwards to the Restaurant at the End of the Ocean. No, you can't skip right to the Island of Horny Women.

Intellectual Challenge. Learn the art of sorcery from the masters themselves. Refine your skills in the Simulation Lab, where you'll challenge a ferocious dragon and rescue an imprisoned damsel. Of course, which skills you choose to refine is entirely up to you.

Adventure. You've got a mission to accomplish, and it's not some cheapo, Find-The-Missing-Magic Sword quest, either. We're talking END OF THE WORLD-type stuff, here --- and if you blow it, you can forget that frat party next week.

Sorcerers Get All The Girls can be played in either "naughty" or "nice" mode. With its obvious satirical content, the game is intended for the amusement of adults, or at least those old enough to see an R-rated movie (or sneak into one). It contains language and a general moral attitude that may offend some. It is recommended that these people buy the game, and then throw it away as a form of protest.

Award-winning game designer Steve Meretzky's latest graphic adventure contains the same wicked sense of humor, devilish puzzles and bawdy satire found in his other works, notably The Hitch-hiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, Planetfall and Zork Zero. Steve profoundly apologizes and promises never to do it again. Honest.


Bitmap graphics Written 1991 by Bob Bates.
Runs on:
Notes: The package contains at least disks (5 1/4"), registration card, and a product catalog.

Comments: A rogue agent from the Temporal Corps has stolen a time machine and used it to the alter the past. You must undo what he has done and track him down.

Timequest demands you save the world, ten times over. Time travel used intelligently, puzzles that don't feel like puzzles, and an actual villain you can loathe (unlike, say, the Thief). It's open-ended almost to a fault, while still maintaining an urgent pace throughout the game. Although it doesn't aspire to the literary qualities of Trinity or A Mind Forever Voyaging, the text still succeeds in evoking people, places, and times far different from the norm.

Timequest is a game I am truly saddened to finish every time I play it, compared to the satisfaction at victory, or the relief to be done that I feel upon completing most text adventures. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Package blurb:


The unthinkable has happened -- a renegade from the Temporal Corps has traveled back in time and altered critical events in history. Only you can prevent this madman from shattering the timestream and destroying current civilization.

Your mission will take you to four continents and across three thousand years -- from Stonehenge, the Circus Maximum and the Hanging Gardens in Babylon; to the Aztec Temple of the Sun, the Great Wall of China and the Great Pyramid on Cheops. You will face mystery, intrigue, danger and death as you untangle the masterful web of deceipt.

The villain's targets include Julius Caesar, Attila the Hun, Charlemagne, Harun al-Rashid, Genghis Khan, Montezuma, Napoleon Bonaparte and many others. Your orders are to repair the timestream, track this criminal down, and bring him to justice.

Good luck.

TIMEQUEST is a classic adventure game of breathtaking scope and astonishing depth. The player travels to 80 locations, seeing the effects of his actions unfold over 3 millennia. A treat for science-fiction fans and adventure enthusiasts alike, TIMEQUEST includes classic time-travel puzzles and these Legend features:

  • Superb musical score featuring Roland and AdLib support
  • digitized sound effects
  • unique Legend screen design with pushbutton options
  • menu driven parser

Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's Appliance

Type: BG (can play text-only) Written 1991 by Steve Meretzky.
Runs on:

Notes: The game comes on five 3.5" disks and a manual, Beginning Moonhood, and a Sorcerer University registration form.

Frederik Pohl's Gateway

Bitmap graphics Written 1992 by Mike Verdu, Michael Lindner and Glen Dahlgren.
Runs on:

Spellcasting 301: Spring Break

Type: BG (can play text-only) Written 1992 by Steve Meretzky.
Runs on:

Comments: It's spring break of Ernie Eaglebeak's junior year, and this time he's battling a rival fraternity for control of the beach at Fort Naughtytail.

Eric the Unready

Bitmap graphics Written 1993 by Bob Bates.
Runs on:

Package blurb:

"I laughed till my pants fell down!"
-- Larry Laffner

"More fun than a barrel of monkeys!"
-- Guywood Threepbrush

Eric the Unready established his reputation by impaling his instructor during jousting class. Then, when Princess Lorealle the Worthy is kidnapped, Eric begins a madcap quest through this hilarious fantasy world packed with dragons and dwarves, wizards, unicorns and the most fearsome beasts of all, the dreaded Attack Turtles. From the mysterious caverns of the Not So Great Underground Empire to the perilous waters of Swamp Trek, Eric cuts a swath of destruction as he unravels the secret of the wicked Queen Morgana and her lover Sir Pectoral.

Every player will find at least one favorite movie, TV show or adventure game that has been struck by Bob Bates's pen! From the award-winning author of TIMEQUEST.

  • New menu-driven system for conversing with characters.
  • Intriguing mix of interfaces creates a constantly changing graphical scene.

Gateway II: Homeworld

Bitmap graphics Written 1993 by Mike Verdu and Glen Dahlgren.
Runs on:

Package blurb:

Five hundred thousand years ago, a technologically advanced race called the Heechee ruled the galaxy. Then they vanished.

San Francisco 2112 A.D. A fanatic cult of terrorists plans to bring the Heechee's ancient enemy to Earth and purify humanity in a bath of cleansing fire. You must stop them, but you can't do it alone.

The race to stop these madmen catapults you on a journey to new worlds and new adventures and ultimately across the event horizon of a black hole where you discover mankind's last remaining hope for survival -- the Heechee Homeworld.

Based on Frederik Pohl's Hugo and Nebula award-winning Heechee Saga.

Meet the Heechee face to face. Hold conversations via new intelligent dialogue system, operate alien technology, pilot a starship!

  • Experience the chilling reality of 22nd century Earth
  • Battle murderous robots, carnivorous dinosaurs and spear-carrying humanoids
  • Rescue a prospector marooned in a robot-controlled Heechee starship
  • Escape a frozen planet where crystaline beings metabolize electricity
  • Cross the event horizon of a black hole and explore the Heechee planets hidden in the core

Spellcasting Party Pak

Written 1993.
Runs on:

Notes: My guess is that this is a compilation of the three Spellcasting games.

Companions of Xanth

Point-n-Click Written 1993 by Mike Lindner.
Runs on:
Notes: Based on the Xanth book series by Piers Anthony.

Death Gate

Point-n-Click Written 1994.
Runs on:

Package blurb:

Long ago after centuries of war, the Sartan race smashed the World Seal and sundered the Earth into separate magical realms, each sealed from the other by the powerful Death Gate. In isolation, magic was corrupted, knowledge lost and the common humanity that once bound the world was forgotten. The defeated Patryns, trapped in the nightmarish prison realm of the Labyrinth, became twisted with hatred and plotted their revenge. Born in this savage and unforgiving land, you escape and undertake a new quest to find the pieces of the World Seal, wreak revenge upon the Sartan and deliver your people from the daily torment of their living hell.

Mission: Critical

Point-n-Click/Video clips Written 1995 by Mike Verdu.
Runs on:
Notes: Distributed by Randomsoft.

Comments: You awake aboard your spaceship to discover you are the only crew member still aboard. You must discover what happened to the crew, and learn more about the secret they were protecting.


Point-n-Click/Video clips Written 1995 by Lori Cole and Corey Cole.
Runs on:
Notes: Distributed by Randomsoft.

Star Control 3

Point-n-Click Written 1996 by Michael Lindner and Daniel Greenberg.
Runs on:
Notes: Distributed by Accolade. This game sold more than 80.000 copies during the first sixty days it was released. This is termed "strategy/adventure/arcade hybrid" on Legend's own web pages.

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

Point-n-Click Written 1997 by Josh Mandel.
Runs on:
Notes: Published by Take Two, distributed by Mindscape, Inc.

The Lost Adventures

Written 1997.
Runs on:

Notes: This is a compilation containing Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get All the Girls, Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's Appliance, Spellcasting 301: Spring Break, Timequest, Eric the Unready, Gateway, Gateway II: Homeworld, and Companions of Xanth. It also contains demo versions of Superhero League of Hoboken (an RPG), Mission: Critical, and Shannara. Distributed by Mindscape, Inc.

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