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[U. S. A.]Sirius Software

They were located at 10364 Rockingham Drive, Sacramento, Ca. 95827, USA. Phone 916-366-1195.

They were primarily an Apple II company. All their 5 adventure games were painfully derivative of Sierra's hi-res adventures. Brøderbund apparently rereleased many of the games, along with Ultrasoft's, after Sirius went out of business (probably 1984).

The Sirius games were originally just packaged around a manual doubling for a folder and later got dinky little boxes, about 5.5" X 7.5" that were basically the same size and style as an Atari 2600 cart replete with punch out hook at the top.

For more information, see Broderbund Software.

Escape from Rungistan

Graphics/G/MUSIC (graphics in black and white, animation) Written 1982 by Bob Blauschild.
Runs on:
Notes: Features an arcade sequence skiing while avoiding trees.

Comments: After escaping from prison, you must find a way to leave communistic Rungistan, Africa for democratic Nuggyland (picture leaving Russia for America). The Rungistanees have no intention of letting you cross the border back to safety alive.

Kabul Spy

Type: G (some animation) Written 1982 by Tim Wilson.
Runs on:

Comments: Play an American agent being sent to Afghanistan to find and rescue professor Paul Eisenstadt, who is being held captive by the KGB.

Critical Mass

Bitmap graphics/BG/MUSIC (animation) Written 1982 by Bob Blauschild.
Runs on:
Notes: Features an arcade sequence where you waterski around buoys.

Comments: You have four days to prevent a nuclear terrorist from blowing up the five largest cities in the world (New York, Miami, Rome, London, and Paris).

Blade of Blackpoole

Graphics Written 1982 by Tim Wilson.
Runs on:
Notes: It comes on one 5 1/4" disk for Atari 800/1200 and includes a fold-out instruction sheet.

Comments: Routine adventure where you collect and store treasures before you can obtain and bring back the big treasure, the Sword of Myraglym.

Package blurb:

Methinks if I live 'till the seas have withered I'll ne'er know of more adventure than befalleth those that quest for the sword bearing the name Myraglym. Many have abandoned their earthly toils to pursue this great sword o'magic. Legend saeth this mighty blade rests in the caverns 'neath the lake at Blackpoole, where evil serpents and horrid plants have a taste for the flesh of humans. And yeah, even man has taken arms against his fellow man in search of Myraglym. So come hither be ye brave. For if ye seek a life of adventure, ye too must go in search of the Blade of Blackpoole. Travel with wisdom and cunning and the magic powers of Myraglym shall be for none other.

Gruds in Space

Bitmap graphics/BG/SOUND (animation) Written 1983 by Chuck Sommerville and Joseph A. Dudar.
Runs on:

Comments: Travel your space freighter through Saturn and Venus in order to pick up fuel to deliver on Pluto. Some of the alien Gruds might just help you out on your quest.

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