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Aardvark: Trek Adventure

Aardvark: Derelict

Aardvark: Pyramid (1984)

Aardvark: Mars

Aardvark: Paranoids Anonymous

Aardvark: Escape from Mars

Aardvark: Nuclear Sub (1980)

Abersoft: Adventure 1 (1982)

Abersoft: Classic Adventure (1984)

Acme Software: Altair 4 (1984)

Acornsoft: Countdown to Doom (1982)

Acornsoft: Sphinx Adventure

Acornsoft: Castle of Riddles

Acornsoft: The Seventh Star

Acornsoft: Gateway to Karos (1983)

Activision, Inc: Zork: The Undiscovered Underground

Adventions: Unnkulian Underworld: The Unknown Unventure (v3.01) (1990-1991)

Adventions: Unnkulian Unventure II: The Secret of Acme (v3.0) (1992)

Adventions: Unnkulia One-Half: The Salesman Triumphant (v1.0) (1993)

Adventions: Unnkulia Zero: The Search for Amanda (v1.0) - Demonstration version (1993)

Adventions: Unnkulia Zero: The Search for Amanda (v1.0) (1993)

Adventions: Unnkulian Unventure III

Adventions: Unnkulian Unventure IV

Adventions: The Legend Lives!

Adventions: Ulien

Adventions: Colossal Cave Revisited (v1.0) (1993)

Adventions: The Horror of Rylvania - Demonstration version (1993)

Adventions: The Horror of Rylvania (1993)

Adventure International: Return to Pirate Island 2 (1999)

Adventure International: 0: Adventureland Demo (1979)

Adventure International: 1: Adventureland (1978)

Adventure International: 2: Pirate Adventure (aka Pirate's Cove) (1978-1979?)

Adventure International: 3: Mission Impossible / Impossible Mission / Secret Mission (1979)

Adventure International: 4: Voodoo Castle (1980?)

Adventure International: 5: The Count (1981)

Adventure International: 6: Strange Odyssey (1981?)

Adventure International: 7: Mystery Fun House / Fun House Mystery (1981 or earlier)

Adventure International: 8: Pyramid of Doom (1981?)

Adventure International: 9: Ghost Town (1981?)

Adventure International: 10: Savage Island, part 1 (1982?)

Adventure International: 11: Savage Island, part 2 (1982?)

Adventure International: 12: Golden Voyage (1982?)

Adventure International: 13: Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle (1984)

Adventure International: 14: Return to Pirate's Island (1983)

Adventure International: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (1985)

Adventure International: Value Pack (1984)

Adventure International: 2: Crowley Manor / The Curse of Crowley Manor (1981)

Adventure International: 3: Escape from Traam (1981)

Adventure International: 4: San Francisco 1906 / Earthquake San Francisco 1906 (1982)

Adventure International: Saigon: The Final Days (1982 (or 1983))

Adventure Probe Software: Hide and Seek (1997)

A & F Software: Horror Castle (1984)

Alchemist Research: Spaceman Bob

Alternative Software Ltd: Aftermath (1988)

Angelsoft, Inc: Stephen King's The Mist (1985)

Apogee: Supernova (1986)

Application Services Company, Inc: Adventure (1981)

Argus Press Software Ltd: Demon Knight (1983)

Argus Press Software Ltd: Quest for Eternity (1984)

Artic Computing: Adventure 'B' (Inca Curse) (1981)

Artic Computing: Curse of the 7 Faces (1985)

Artic Computing: Ground Zero (1984)

ASP Software Ltd: Demon Knight (1983)

Atkins, Robert Wayne: The Ghost of Briarcliff Castle

Atkins, Robert Wayne: The Lost Crown of Queen Anne

Atkins, Robert Wayne: The House that Nobody Wanted

Atkins, Robert Wayne: Murder in the Mediterranean

Atkins, Robert Wayne: Journey to the Earth's Core

Atkins, Robert Wayne: The Wild West of the 1870's

Atkins, Robert Wayne: Romance in the Caribbean

Atkins, Robert Wayne: The Temple of Death

Atkins, Robert Wayne: Future Quest

Atlantis Software Ltd: El Dorado (1985)

Atlantis Software Ltd: Velnor's Lair

Automata UK Ltd: Here be Tygers (1985)

Avalon Hill: Ripper

Avalon Hill: Empire of the Overmind (1981)

Avalon Hill: Lords of Karma (1980)

Avant-Garde Creations: Chambers of Xenobia (1981)

Aztec Software: I Will Survive! (1984)

Big Sky Software: Time Thief (1988)

Buffer Micro Ltd: Buffer Adventure (1984)

Bug-Byte Software Ltd: The Castle (1983)

Bug-Byte Software Ltd: STI (Search for Terrestrial Intelligence) (1988)

Cascade Mountain Publishing: Avalon / Once and Future (1998)

Cascade Mountain Publishing: Chameleon

Cascade Mountain Publishing: Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I.

Celtic Software: Manor of Madness (1984)

Celtic Software: Corridors of the Nethermind

Chameleon Software: 1: Balrog (before 1982)

Chameleon Software: 2: The Stone of Sisyphus (before 1982)

Chameleon Software: 3: Morton's Fork (1981 or 1982)

Church Army Resource Centre: Star Quest (1984)

Chymesoft: Captain's Log

Cognetics Corporation: Amnesia (1983-1986)

Colleen Ltd: Mystery Voyage Adventure

Commodore: 1: The Mutant Spiders

Commodore: 3: The Fourth Sarcophagus

Commodore: The Ship

Commodore: The Quest (1984)

Compass Software: Zogan's Revenge (1986)

Compass Software: Anttilis Mission (1992)

Compass Software: Anttilis Mission 2: Deep Probe (1992)

Compass Software: Wizards Skull (1986)

Compass Software: Demon from the Darkside 4: Shadows Of The Past

Compass Software: The Hobble Hunter (1989)

Compass Software: The Lost Tomb of Ananka (1993)

Creative Juices: The Challenge of Iythus (1988)

CRL Group PLC: Causes of Chaos

CRL Group PLC: Pilgrim (1986)

CRL Group PLC: Wolfman (1988)

CRL Group PLC: Frankenstein (1987)

CRL Group PLC: The Secret of St. Brides (1985)

CRL Group PLC: Federation (1988)

Cyco Automatisering: Dracula (1986)

Danish Adventure Company: Wasteland (1988)

Datamost: Earthly Delights (1984)

Delta 4 Software: The Dragonstar Trilogy

Delta 4 Software: Quest for the Holy Joystick (1985)

Delta 4 Software: Galaxias (1986)

Double Play Adventures: Crystal Quest (1985)

Double Play Adventures: Dragon Slayer (1984)

Double Play Adventures: Eye of Vartan (1985)

Double Play Adventures: The Hexagon Museum (1984)

Double Play Adventures: The Moreby Jewels (1986)

Double Play Adventures: Operation Turtle (1984)

Double Play Adventures: Orc Island (1984)

Double Play Adventures: Sea of Zirun

Double Play Adventures: The Swamp (1984)

Double Play Adventures: Time Quest

Double Play Adventures: The Wizard's Scrolls (1984)

Duckworth: Castle Dracula

Duckworth: Colossal Cave Adventure

Duckworth: The Odyssey

Duckworth: Fool's Gold

Eighth Day: Cuddles (1984)

Eighth Day: In Search of Angels (1985)

Eighth Day: HRH (1986)

Eighth Day: Weaver of her Dreams (1988)

Eighth Day: Earth Shock (1986)

Elfin Software Ltd: Lost over Bermuda (1983)

Elfin Software Ltd: Never Trust a Blonde (1983)

Elfin Software Ltd: Ziggarat of Dread (1983)

Elven Adventurers: Deadly Silence (1991)

Elven Adventurers: Dreamare (1991)

Elven Adventurers: The Haunting (1991)

Elven Adventurers: Queen of the Mirror (1991)

Epic Software: Castle Frankenstin (1984)

Epic Software: Kingdom of Klein (1984)

Epic Software: Quest for the Holy Grail (1984)

Epyx: The Robots of Dawn (1984)

Excalibur Software: Pride of the Federation (1987)

Firebird Software Ltd: The Helm (1984)

First Row Software: Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I. (1987)

Fridaysoft: London Adventure (1985)

FSF Adventures: The Axe of Kolt (1990)

FSF Adventures: Grabbed by the Ghoulies!

FSF Adventures: Grue-Knapped (1990)

FSF Adventures: Helvera: Mistress of the Park

FSF Adventures: Magnetic Moon

FSF Adventures: Revenge of the Space Pirates

FSF Adventures: Run, Bronwynn, Run! (1992)

Games Machine Ltd: Fabulous Wanda (1983)

Games Workshop: Tower of Despair (1985)

Gilsoft International Ltd: Africa Gardens (1984)

Gilsoft International Ltd: Devil's Island (1983)

Gilsoft International Ltd: The Mindbender (1984)

Gilsoft International Ltd: The Adventures of Barsak the Dwarf (1984)

Gilsoft International Ltd: Denis Through the Drinking Glass (1983)

Gilsoft International Ltd: Diamond Trail (1983)

Gilsoft International Ltd: The Hollow (1985)

Gilsoft International Ltd: Magic Castle (1983)

Gilsoft International Ltd: The Moreby Jewels (1986)

Gilsoft International Ltd: The Quill Adventure System (1983)

Gilsoft International Ltd: Spy-Plane (1983)

Gilsoft International Ltd: Time-Line (1983)

Global Games: Dreamare (1991)

Global Software: The Mural (1986)

Harddata: The Waster (1984)

Hayden Software: Crystal Caverns (1983)

Hayden Software: Crime Stopper (1983)

HGC: Indiana Smith

High Energy Software: Perdition's Flames (1993)

High Energy Software: High Tech Drifter

High Energy Software: Ditch Day Drifter (1990)

High Energy Software: Deep Space Drifter (1990)

Humbug Software/Graham Cluley: Jacaranda Jim (v5.00) (1987-1993)

Humbug Software/Graham Cluley: Humbug (v5.0) (1990-1993)

IBM: Zyll (1984)

IJK Software: Fantasy Quest

Imperial Software: Curse of the Seven Faces (1985)

Incentive Software Ltd: 1: Mountains of Ket (1984)

Incentive Software Ltd: 2: Temple of Vran (1984)

Incentive Software Ltd: 3: The Final Mission

Infocom: Zork I: The Great Underground Empire (1980)

Infocom: Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz (1981)

Infocom: Zork III: The Dungeon Master (1982)

Infocom: Beyond Zork (1987)

Infocom: Enchanter (1983)

Infocom: Sorcerer (1984)

Infocom: Spellbreaker (1985)

Infocom: Deadline (1982)

Infocom: Starcross (1982)

Infocom: Suspended (1983)

Infocom: The Witness (1983)

Infocom: Planetfall (1983)

Infocom: Infidel (1983)

Infocom: Seastalker (1984)

Infocom: Cutthroats (1984)

Infocom: The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1984)

Infocom: Suspect (1984)

Infocom: Wishbringer: The Magick Stone of Dreams (1985)

Infocom: A Mind Forever Voyaging (1985)

Infocom: Ballyhoo (1985)

Infocom: Trinity (1986)

Infocom: Leather Goddesses of Phobos (1986)

Infocom: Moonmist (1986)

Infocom: Hollywood Hijinx (1986)

Infocom: Bureaucracy (1987)

Infocom: Stationfall (1987)

Infocom: The Lurking Horror (1987)

Infocom: Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It (1987)

Infocom: Plundered Hearts (1987)

Infocom: Border Zone (1987)

Infocom: Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels (1987)

Interceptor Micros: After Shock (1986)

Interceptor Micros: The Zacaron Mystery (1986)

JJK Research Limited: Key Fighter (1984)

Kayde Software: Leopard Lord (1983)

Kayde Software: Terror from the Deep (1983)

Kelsoft: Escape into Space (1987)

Level 9 Computing: Colossal Adventure (1983)

Level 9 Computing: Adventure Quest (1983)

Level 9 Computing: Dungeon Adventure (1984)

Level 9 Computing: Snowball (1983)

Level 9 Computing: Return to Eden (1984)

Level 9 Computing: The Worm in Paradise (1985)

Level 9 Computing: Lords of Time (1983)

Lumpsoft: The Key to Time (1984)

Lumpsoft: Malice in Wonderland (1985)

MacBrayne, Jim: The Mission

MacBrayne, Jim: The Holy Grail

Mad Hatter Software: Journey to the Center of the Earth (between 1978 and 1981)

Mad Hatter Software: House of the Seven Gables (between 1978 and 1981)

Mad Hatter Software: Voyage to Atlantis (aka Atlantis) (between 1978 and 1981)

Mad Hatter Software: Sorcerer's Castle (1979)

Mad Hatter Software: King Tut's Tomb (1979)

Mad Hatter Software: Enchanted Island (between 1978 and 1981)

Mad Hatter Software: Mystery Mansion (between 1978 and 1981)

Mad Hatter Software: Devil's Palace (between 1978 and 1981)

Mad Hatter Software: Curse of the Sasquatch (between 1978 and 1981)

Mad Hatter Software: World's Edge (between 1978 and 1981)

Mad Hatter Software: Enchanted Island Plus (between 1978 and 1981)

Magnetic Scrolls: The Pawn (1985)

Mainframe adventures: ADVENT / Adventure (aka Colossal Cave) (1972-1977)

Mainframe adventures: Zork (aka Dungeon) (1977-1979)

Mainframe adventures: Mystery Mansion (1977 or something like that (reports vary from 1976 to 1980))

Mainframe adventures: Acheton (1978 (expanded until 1981))

Mainframe adventures: Kingdom of Hamil (1980)

Mainframe adventures: Brand X (later Philosopher's Quest) (1979)

Mainframe adventures: Quondam (1980)

Mainframe adventures: Monsters of Murdac

Mainframe adventures: Avon

Mainframe adventures: Hezarin (1980)

Mainframe adventures: Fyleet

Mainframe adventures: Quest of the Sangraal (1987 or 1988)

Mainframe adventures: Parc

Mainframe adventures: Xenophobia (early 1980s)

Mainframe adventures: Crobe (1987 or 1988)

Mainframe adventures: Nidus (1987 or 1988)

Mainframe adventures: Xerb

Mainframe adventures: Spycatcher

Mainframe adventures: HAUNT (1979)

Mainframe adventures: New Adventure (1979 or 1980)

Mainframe adventures: Martian Adventure (1979 or 1980)

Mainframe adventures: Battlestar (1979)

Mainframe adventures: LORD (1981)

Mainframe adventures: Warp

Mainframe adventures: Castle (around 1983)

Mark Data Products: Calixto Island (1983 (the TO version might be earlier))

Mark Data Products: Black Sanctum (1983 (the TO version might be earlier))

Marlin Games: Agatha's Folly (1989)

Marlin Games: Cloud 99 (1988)

Martech Games Ltd: The Quest of Merravid

Med Systems Software: The Institute (1981)

Melbourne House: Hampstead (1984)

Melbourne House: Classic Adventure (1983)

Melbourne House: Mordon's Quest (1985)

Microdeal: Williamsburg

Microdeal: Mansion House

Micro Fun: Mad Venture (1981)

Micrograf: Flint's Gold (1984)

Mikro-Gen Ltd: Mines of Saturn (1982)

Mikro-Gen Ltd: Return to Earth (1982)

Milbus Software: Hobbit - The True Story (1993)

Milbus Software: The Terror of Mecha Godzilla

Mirage Software: Grandad

Mirage Software: The Haunt

Mirage Software: Krystal Worlds

Mirage Software: Sausages

Mirage Software: Krystal Worlds II (1996)

Mogul Software: Pyramid (1984)

Moltech Software: Tahiti

Mosaic Publishing: The Pen and the Dark (1984)

MP Software: Firien Wood (1982)

MP Software: Blue Dragon (1983)

Nemesis: The Trial of Arnold Blackwood (1985)

New Soft: The Black Dwarf's Lair

Norell Data Systems: The Hermit's Secret (around 1986)

Ocean Software Ltd: Island of Death

Personal Software: Zork (1979)

Phoenix Software: Adventure in Time (1981)

Phoenix Software: Birth of the Phoenix (1981)

PK Software: The Beyond

PK Software: Saturn 3

PK Software: (unknown title)

Potter Programs: The Staff of Law (1983)

Potter Programs: Galadriel in Distress (1983)

Potter Programs: Super Agent Flint (1983)

Program Power: Eldorado Gold (1982)

Program Power: Labyrinths of LaCoshe

Psychedelic Hedgehog Software: Green Sonja (1991)

Quicksilva: Velnor's Lair (1983)

Radio Shack: Bedlam

Radio Shack: Pyramid 2000

Radio Shack: Raaka-Tu (1981)

Remsoft Arcade Designs Ltd: Love (1983)

Richard Shepherd Software: Super Spy (1982)

River Software: The Bounty Hunter (1989)

River Software: The Challenge (1987)

River Software: The Cup (1987)

River Software: The Ellisnore Diamond (1992)

River Software: Into the Mystic (1991)

River Software: The Jade Necklace (1987)

River Software: Matchmaker (1986)

River Software: Mutant - The Quest (1984)

River Software: Realm of Darkness (1987)

River Software: Treasure Island (1991)

Riverdale Software: Suds

Riverdale Software: American Suds

Robico Software: Rick Hanson (1985)

Robico Software: Project Thesius (1986)

Robico Software: Myorem (1986)

Robico Software: Village of Lost Souls (1987)

Robico Software: Assassin

Robico Software: Island of Xaan

Runesoft: Spoof (1984)

Ruppelware: Treasure Hunt

Ruppelware: Part I: The Getaway

Sacred Scroll Software: Era of Enchantment (1988)

Salamander Software: Wings of War (1984)

Samurai Software: Castle of the Skull Lord (1984)

SCR Adventures: Castle Blackstar (1984)

Scumbag Software: Busted (Release 1)

Sentient Software: Malice in Wonderland (1985)

Sentient Software: Oo-Topos (1981)

Severn Software: Encounter (1983)

Shadow Software: The House of Shadows (1983)

Shards Software: Jericho Road (1984)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Softporn Adventure (1981)

Sim Soft: Napoleon's Sandwiches

Simon and Schuster: Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative (1985)

Simon and Schuster: Star Trek: The Promethean Prophecy (1985/1986)

Sir-Tech: The Usurper: The Mines of Qyntarr

Smart Egg Software: Rigel's Revenge (1987)

Smart Egg Software: Federation (1988)

Softape: Journey (1980 or earlier)

Soft Concern: The Code (1984)

Softside: Dog Star Adventure (1979)

Software Customization: The New Castle (1990-1999 (still under development))

Software Projects: McKensie (1983)

Softwin Associates: Microsoft Adventure (1979)

SophistiChaos Game Design: Enhanced (1993)

SophistiChaos Game Design: Sensorer

SophistiChaos Game Design: Icebreaker

Southern Software: Afghan Attack (1984)

South Pacific Software: Revenge

Spectral Associates: Keys of the Wizard

Star Dreams: A Spell of Christmas Ice

Superior Software: Colditz Adventure (1983)

Synapse Software: Mindwheel (1985)

Synapse Software: Essex (1985)

Talent Computer Systems: West (1984)

Talent Computer Systems: The Lost Kingdom of Zkul

Tansoft: House of Death

Tansoft: Kilburn Encounter

Tartan Software: Escape

Tartan Software: The Green Door (1988)

Tartan Software: Magic Treasure Adventure

Tartan Software: The Open Door (1988)

Tartan Software: Rays (1987)

Tartan Software: The Red Door (1988)

Tartan Software: The White Door: Crisis at Christmas (1987)

Tartan Software: The Yellow Door (1987)

Tartan Software: The Gordello Incident (1989)

Terminal Software: Magic Mirror (1982 (?))

Terminal Software: Nosferatu (1982 (?))

The Software Toolworks: The Original Adventure (1981)

Topologika Ltd: Return to Doom (1988)

Topologika Ltd: Last Days of Doom

Topologika Ltd: SpySnatcher (after 1985)

Topologika Ltd: Giant Killer (about 1985)

Ultrasoft (SL): Dokonala Vrazda 1 (1987)

Various companies: Aardvark

Various companies: C.I.A. Adventure (1983)

Various companies: Curses

Various companies: Darth Vader Adventure (1978-1979 or earlier)

Various companies: Escape from Prison Planet

Various companies: Goblin Towers

Various companies: The Very Big Cave Adventure

Various companies: Hired to Kill (1983)

Various companies: Hounds of Hell (1991)

Various companies: Horror Hotel (1988)

Various companies: Klartz and the Dark Forces (1984)

Various companies: Lord of the Rings (1981)

Various companies: Lord of the Rings (1984?)

Various companies: The Pen and the Dark

Various companies: Quest of Garnath

Various companies: Sagan om ringen (The Lord of the Rings) (1984)

Various companies: Shifting Sands

Various companies: Skyland

Various companies: 1

Various companies: 2

Various companies: 3

Various companies: The Tebbit

Various companies: Theseus and the Minotaur

Various companies: Tomb of Xeiops

Various companies: Uppsjö (around 1985)

Various companies: Witch Hunt (1987)

Various companies: World

Victory Software Corporation: Moon Base Alpha

Victory Software Corporation: Computer Adventure

Victory Software Corporation: Big Bad Wolf

Victory Software Corporation: African Escape (1983)

Victory Software Corporation: Hospital Adventure (1983)

Victory Software Corporation: Bomb Threat (1983)

Videofex: Los Misterois del Gusano (1993)

Virgin Games: The Atlas Assignment (1983)

Virgin Games: Ghost Town (1983)

Virgin Games: The Island (1983)

Weinstein, Jacob: Modernism

Weinstein, Jacob: Save Princeton v1.99 (1991)

Zenobi Software: The Balrog and the Cat (1988)

Zenobi Software: Behind Closed Doors (1988)

Zenobi Software: Behind Closed Doors 2: The Sequel (1988)

Zenobi Software: Behind Closed Doors 3: Revenge of the Ants (1989)

Zenobi Software: The Boyd File

Zenobi Software: Civil Service

Zenobi Software: Dark Tower (1992)

Zenobi Software: Davy Jones Locker (1987)

Zenobi Software: Dragon Quest

Zenobi Software: The Escaping Habit

Zenobi Software: The House

Zenobi Software: Kidnapped

Zenobi Software: Kobyashi Ag'Kwo (1991)

Zenobi Software: The Labours of Hercules (1987)

Zenobi Software: Mines of Lithiad

Zenobi Software: The Miser (1990)

Zenobi Software: Murder - He Said (1993)

Zenobi Software: Norman's Lament

Zenobi Software: Number Six in the Village (1987)

Zenobi Software: One of our Wombats is Missing (1990)

Zenobi Software: Phoenix (1991)

Zenobi Software: Retarded Creatures and Caverns (1989)

Zenobi Software: Theme Park U.K.

Zenobi Software: Theme Park U.S.A.

Zenobi Software: The Thirty-Nine Steps

Zenobi Software: Witch Hunt (1987)

Zenobi Software: The Wizard of Oz

Zenobi Software: Zen Quest

Zenobi Software: Murder He Said (1993)

ZXIF: Blink (2003)

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