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Adventure International: 0: Adventureland Demo (1979)

Adventure International: 2: Pirate Adventure (aka Pirate's Cove) (1978-1979?)

Adventure International: 3: Mission Impossible / Impossible Mission / Secret Mission (1979)

Mad Hatter Software: Sorcerer's Castle (1979)

Mad Hatter Software: King Tut's Tomb (1979)

Mainframe adventures: Zork (aka Dungeon) (1977-1979)

Mainframe adventures: Brand X (later Philosopher's Quest) (1979)

Mainframe adventures: HAUNT (1979)

Mainframe adventures: New Adventure (1979 or 1980)

Mainframe adventures: Martian Adventure (1979 or 1980)

Mainframe adventures: Battlestar (1979)

Personal Software: Zork (1979)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: 1: Mystery House (1980 (written during 1979; rereleased by SierraVenture 1982))

Softside: Dog Star Adventure (1979)

Softwin Associates: Microsoft Adventure (1979)

Various companies: Darth Vader Adventure (1978-1979 or earlier)

16 games match your query.

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