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Aardvark: Nuclear Sub (1980)

A & B Computing Magazine: Amnesia (mid-1980s)

A & B Computing Magazine: Xanadu (mid-1980s)

Adventure International: 4: Voodoo Castle (1980?)

Apple Computer, Inc: Apple Adventure (1980)

Avalon Hill: Lords of Karma (1980)

Infocom: Zork I: The Great Underground Empire (1980)

Mainframe adventures: Mystery Mansion (1977 or something like that (reports vary from 1976 to 1980))

Mainframe adventures: Kingdom of Hamil (1980)

Mainframe adventures: Quondam (1980)

Mainframe adventures: Hezarin (1980)

Mainframe adventures: Xenophobia (early 1980s)

Mainframe adventures: New Adventure (1979 or 1980)

Mainframe adventures: Martian Adventure (1979 or 1980)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: 0: Mission Asteroid (1980 (rereleased by SierraVenture in 1982))

Sierra On-Line, Inc: 1: Mystery House (1980 (written during 1979; rereleased by SierraVenture 1982))

Sierra On-Line, Inc: 2: The Wizard and the Princess / Adventure in Serenia (1980 (rereleased by SierraVenture 1982))

Softape: Journey (1980 or earlier)

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