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Acornsoft: Gateway to Karos (1983)

Adventure International: 14: Return to Pirate's Island (1983)

Adventure International: Saigon: The Final Days (1982 (or 1983))

Adventure International: Labyrinth of Crete (1983)

Alligata Software Ltd: Here Comes the Sun (1983)

A. N. A. L. O. G. Computing: Adventure in the Fifth Dimension (1983)

Argus Press Software Ltd: Demon Knight (1983)

Artic Computing: Adventure 'E' (The Golden Apple) (1983)

ASP Software Ltd: Cells and Serpents (1983)

ASP Software Ltd: Conquering Everest (1983)

ASP Software Ltd: The White Barrows (1983)

ASP Software Ltd: Demon Knight (1983)

Bug-Byte Software Ltd: Twin Kingdom Valley (1983)

Bug-Byte Software Ltd: The Castle (1983)

Carnell Software: The Devil Rides In (1983)

Carnell Software: The Eye of the Star Warrior (1983)

CCS: Camelot (1983)

CCS: The Byte (1983)

Cognetics Corporation: Amnesia (1983-1986)

Contrast Software: Adventure Island (1983)

CRL Group PLC: The Tomb of Dracula (1983)

Davka: The Lion's Share (1983)

Davka: The Philistine Ploy (1983)

Digital Fantasia: Gold Bars (1983)

East Midland Software: Who Dares Wins (1983)

Elfin Software Ltd: Lost over Bermuda (1983)

Elfin Software Ltd: Never Trust a Blonde (1983)

Elfin Software Ltd: Ziggarat of Dread (1983)

F+K Ware: Inka-Tempel (1983)

Games Machine Ltd: Fabulous Wanda (1983)

Gilsoft International Ltd: Devil's Island (1983)

Gilsoft International Ltd: Denis Through the Drinking Glass (1983)

Gilsoft International Ltd: Diamond Trail (1983)

Gilsoft International Ltd: Magic Castle (1983)

Gilsoft International Ltd: The Quill Adventure System (1983)

Gilsoft International Ltd: Spy-Plane (1983)

Gilsoft International Ltd: Time-Line (1983)

Hayden Software: Crystal Caverns (1983)

Hayden Software: Crime Stopper (1983)

Hewson Consultants Ltd: Quest Adventure (1983)

Highland Computer Services: Creature Venture (1982-1983 or earlier)

Howarth, Brian: 7: Feasibility Experiment (1983?)

Howarth, Brian: 8: The Wizard of Akyrz (1983?)

Howarth, Brian: 9: Perseus and Andromeda (1983)

Howarth, Brian: 10: Ten Little Indians (1983)

Howarth, Brian: 11: Waxworks (1983)

Infocom: Enchanter (1983)

Infocom: Suspended (1983)

Infocom: The Witness (1983)

Infocom: Planetfall (1983)

Infocom: Infidel (1983)

Interceptor Micros: Token of Ghall (1983)

Interceptor Micros: Heroes of Karn (1983)

Kayde Software: Leopard Lord (1983)

Kayde Software: Terror from the Deep (1983)

Kayde Software: The Swamp (1983)

Legend: Valhalla (1983)

Level 9 Computing: Colossal Adventure (1983)

Level 9 Computing: Adventure Quest (1983)

Level 9 Computing: Snowball (1983)

Level 9 Computing: Lords of Time (1983)

Mainframe adventures: Castle (around 1983)

Mark Data Products: Shenanigans (1983)

Mark Data Products: Sea Search (1983)

Mark Data Products: Calixto Island (1983 (the TO version might be earlier))

Mark Data Products: Black Sanctum (1983 (the TO version might be earlier))

Med Systems Software: The Farvar Legacy (1983)

Melbourne House: The Hobbit (1983)

Melbourne House: Classic Adventure (1983)

Micro Fun: Death in the Caribbean (1983)

Mikro-Gen Ltd: S.A.S. Assault (1983)

Mikro-Gen Ltd: The Sorcerer's Castle (1983)

MP Software: Blue Dragon (1983)

Penguin Software Inc: The Coveted Mirror (1983)

Penguin Software Inc: The Quest (1983)

Penguin Software Inc: Ring Quest (1983)

Phipps Associates: Colditz Castle (1983)

Phipps Associates: Greedy Gulch (1983)

Phipps Associates: Knight's Quest (1983)

Phipps Associates: Magic Mountain (1983)

Phipps Associates: The Pharaoh's Tomb (1983)

Phoenix Software: Masquerade (1983)

Potter Programs: The Staff of Law (1983)

Potter Programs: Galadriel in Distress (1983)

Potter Programs: Super Agent Flint (1983)

Quicksilva: The Ring of Power (1983)

Quicksilva: Smuggler's Cove (1983)

Quicksilva: Velnor's Lair (1983)

Random House Software: The Alpine Encounter (1983)

Remsoft Arcade Designs Ltd: Love (1983)

Richard Shepherd Software: Invincible Island (1983)

Richard Shepherd Software: Devils of the Deep (1983)

Richard Shepherd Software: Urban Upstart (1983)

Richard Shepherd Software: The Inferno (1983)

Saber Software: Demon's Forge (1983)

Screenplay: Asylum (about 1983)

Severn Software: Grail (1983)

Severn Software: Encounter (1983)

Shadow Software: The House of Shadows (1983)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: King's Quest: Quest for the Crown (1984 (written 1983; rereleased 1987))

Sirius Software: Gruds in Space (1983)

Software Projects: McKensie (1983)

Superior Software: Colditz Adventure (1983)

Terminal Software: Space Island (1983)

Ultrasoft (US): The Serpent's Star (1983 (rereleased 1985))

Various companies: C.I.A. Adventure (1983)

Various companies: Hired to Kill (1983)

Victory Software Corporation: African Escape (1983)

Victory Software Corporation: Hospital Adventure (1983)

Victory Software Corporation: Bomb Threat (1983)

Virgin Games: The Atlas Assignment (1983)

Virgin Games: Ghost Town (1983)

Virgin Games: The Island (1983)

Wintersoft: The Ring of Darkness (1983)

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