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Aardvark: Pyramid (1984)

Abersoft: Classic Adventure (1984)

Acme Software: Altair 4 (1984)

Adventure International: 13: Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle (1984)

Adventure International: Value Pack (1984)

Adventure International: 1: The Hulk (1984)

Adventure International: 2: Spiderman (1984)

Adventure International UK: Gremlins (1984)

A & F Software: Haunted Abbey (1984)

A & F Software: Horror Castle (1984)

A. N. A. L. O. G. Computing: Crash Dive! (1984)

Argus Press Software Ltd: Quest for Eternity (1984)

Artic Computing: Adventure 'F' (Eye of Bain) (1984)

Artic Computing: Ground Zero (1984)

Artworx: Gwendolyn (before 1984)

Atlantis Software Ltd: Temple Terror (1984)

Atlantis Software Ltd: Marie Celeste (1984)

Atlantis Software Ltd: The Mafia Contract (1984)

Automata UK Ltd: Crusoe (1984)

Aztec Software: I Will Survive! (1984)

Bamby Software: Mystery Manor (1984)

Beyond Software: Lords of Midnight (1984)

Boldfield Limited Company: Black Island Adventure (1984)

Broderbund Software: Blood Quest (1984)

Buffer Micro Ltd: Mysterious Fairground (1984)

Buffer Micro Ltd: Buffer Adventure (1984)

Carnell Software: Volcanic Dungeon (updated version) (1984)

CCS: Staff of Zaranol (1984)

CCS: Diamond Quest (1984)

CCS: (Journey Across the) Abyss (1984)

CCS: 1942 Mission (1984 or earlier)

Celtic Software: Manor of Madness (1984)

Church Army Resource Centre: Star Quest (1984)

Commodore: The Quest (1984)

Creative Sparks: Danger Mouse in Black Forest Chateau (1984)

Creative Sparks: Danger Mouse in Double Trouble (1984)

CRL Group PLC: The Woods of Winter (1984)

CRL Group PLC: Incredible Adventure (1984)

CRL Group PLC: The War of the Worlds (1984)

Datamost: Earthly Delights (1984)

Datamost: Mabel's Mansion (1984)

Datasoft, Inc: The Dallas Quest (1984)

Delta 4 Software: Sherwood Forest (1984)

Domark Ltd: Eureka (1984)

Double Play Adventures: Dragon Slayer (1984)

Double Play Adventures: The Hexagon Museum (1984)

Double Play Adventures: Operation Turtle (1984)

Double Play Adventures: Orc Island (1984)

Double Play Adventures: The Swamp (1984)

Double Play Adventures: To the Manor Bourne (1984)

Double Play Adventures: The Wizard's Scrolls (1984)

Dream Software Ltd: The Quest for the Holy Grail (1984)

Dream Software Ltd: Crystal Cavern (1984)

Dream Software Ltd: The Dungeon Builder (1984)

Eighth Day: Quann Tulla (1984)

Eighth Day: Cuddles (1984)

Electric Software: (They Say the World Will Die In) Fire and Ice (1984)

English Software: Stranded (1984)

Epic Software: Castle Frankenstin (1984)

Epic Software: Kingdom of Klein (1984)

Epic Software: Quest for the Holy Grail (1984)

Epyx: The Robots of Dawn (1984)

Firebird Software Ltd: The Helm (1984)

Firebird Software Ltd: The Wild Bunch (1984)

Five Ways Software Ltd: Aztex: Hunt for the Sun-God (1984)

Five Ways Software Ltd: King Arthur's Quest (1984)

Five Ways Software Ltd: Lone Wolf 1: Flight from the Dark (1984)

Five Ways Software Ltd: Lone Wolf 2: Fire on the Water (1984)

Gargoyle Games: Tir Na Nog (1984)

Gilsoft International Ltd: Africa Gardens (1984)

Gilsoft International Ltd: The Mindbender (1984)

Gilsoft International Ltd: The Adventures of Barsak the Dwarf (1984)

Harddata: The Waster (1984)

Hewson Consultants Ltd: Fantasia Diamond (1984)

Hodder & Stoughton Ltd: Peter Pan (1984)

IBM: Zyll (1984)

IMS Software: Waydor (1984)

Incentive Software Ltd: 1: Mountains of Ket (1984)

Incentive Software Ltd: 2: Temple of Vran (1984)

Infocom: Sorcerer (1984)

Infocom: Seastalker (1984)

Infocom: Cutthroats (1984)

Infocom: The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1984)

Infocom: Suspect (1984)

Interceptor Micros: Jewels of Babylon (1984)

Interceptor Micros: Forest at the World's End (1984)

Interplay Productions: Mindshadow (1984)

Interplay Productions: The Tracer Sanction (1984)

JJK Research Limited: Key Fighter (1984)

Level 9 Computing: Dungeon Adventure (1984)

Level 9 Computing: Return to Eden (1984)

Level 9 Computing: Emerald Isle (1984)

Level 9 Computing: The Saga of Erik the Viking (1984)

Lumpsoft: The Key to Time (1984)

Mark Data Products: Trekboer (1984)

Martech Games Ltd: Odyssey of Hope (1984)

Mastertronic: Se-Kaa of Assiah (1984)

Mastertronic: The Quest for the Holy Grail (1984)

Melbourne House: Hampstead (1984)

Melbourne House: Castle of Terror (1984)

Melbourne House: Merry Christmas (1984)

Micrograf: Flint's Gold (1984)

Micrograf: Vampire Castle (1984)

Mikro-Gen Ltd: Genesis II (1984)

Mogul Software: Pyramid (1984)

Mosaic Publishing: The Pen and the Dark (1984)

Mosaic Publishing: The Stainless Steel Rat (1984)

Mosaic Publishing: The Width of the World (1984)

No Man's Land: Tyrann (1984)

O'Shea, Kevin: The Five Doctors (1984)

O'Shea, Kevin: The Mind Maze (1984)

Penguin Software Inc: Transylvania (1982 (rereleased 1984))

Phoenix Software: Dodge City (1984)

Pocket Money Software: The Rifts of Time (1984)

Pryority Software: Forbidden Quest (1984)

Quicksilva: The Thompson Twins Adventure (1984)

Radarsoft: Steen der wijzen (The Magic Stone) (1984)

Richard Shepherd Software: Upper Gumtree (1984)

River Software: Mutant - The Quest (1984)

Runesoft: Spoof (1984)

Salamander Software: Wings of War (1984)

Samurai Software: Castle of the Skull Lord (1984)

Scorpion: Codebook Caper (1984)

Scorpion: Ruby Runabout (1984)

SCR Adventures: Castle Blackstar (1984)

Scorpio Software: Code Book Caper (1984)

Scorpio Software: Ruby Runabout (1984)

Shards Software: Jericho Road (1984)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: The Gelfling Adventure (1984)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: King's Quest: Quest for the Crown (1984 (written 1983; rereleased 1987))

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Mickey's Space Adventure (1984)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: The Black Cauldron (1984, rereleased 1986)

Sir-Tech: Crypt of Medea (1984)

Softalk Magazine: Valley of the Minotaur (1984 or before)

Soft Concern: The Code (1984)

Softgold: Mystery of Munroe Manor (1984)

Southern Software: Afghan Attack (1984)

Star Dreams: Aural Quest (1984)

Star Dreams: The Sandman Cometh (1984)

Talent Computer Systems: West (1984)

Telarium Corporation: Fahrenheit 451 (1984)

Telarium Corporation: Rendezvous with Rama (1984)

Telarium Corporation: Amazon (1984)

Telarium Corporation: Dragonworld (1984-1985)

Telarium Corporation: Shadowkeep (1984 or 1985)

Telarium Corporation: Below the Root (1984)

Telarium Corporation: Swiss Family Robinson (1984)

Telarium Corporation: The Wizard of Oz (1984)

Ultrasoft (US): Mask of the Sun (1982 (rereleased 1984 with music))

Usbourne: Island of Secrets (1984)

Various companies: The Dark Tower (1984 or before)

Various companies: Klartz and the Dark Forces (1984)

Various companies: Lord of the Rings (1984?)

Various companies: Sagan om ringen (The Lord of the Rings) (1984)

Zenobi Software: The Black Tower 1 (1984)

Zenobi Software: Se-Kaa of Assiah (1984)

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