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Adventure Soft UK: Kayleth (Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine Presents) (1987)

Aegis Developments: Arazok's Tomb (1987)

Alternative Software Ltd: Druids Moon (1987)

Alternative Software Ltd: Lifeterm (1987)

Alternative Software Ltd: Star Wreck (1987)

Alternative Software Ltd: Football Frenzy (1987)

Alternative Software Ltd: Excalibur: Sword of Kings (1987)

Americana Software Ltd: Spy Trek (1987)

ATOD: Hampte Dampte (1987)

Cobra Computer Software: Jolly Duplicator (1987)

Codemasters: Necris Dome (1987)

Compass Software: Demon from the Darkside 2: Golden Mask (1987)

CRL Group PLC: Murder off Miami (1987)

CRL Group PLC: Frankenstein (1987)

CRL Group PLC: The Book of the Dead (1987)

CRL Group PLC: Loads of Midnight (1987)

Cybexlab Software: Exoter (1987)

Datasoft, Inc: Dark Lord (1987)

Datasoft, Inc: 221B Baker Street (1987)

Delta 4 Software: The Big Sleaze (1987)

Deltoid Developments: Immortality Rules OK (1987)

Dinamic Software: Don Quijote (1987)

Dinamic Software: Megacorp (1987)

Domark Ltd: Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less (1987)

Domark Ltd: Driller (1987)

Eighth Day: Four Minutes to Midnight (1987)

Eighth Day: Ronnie goes to Hollywood (1987)

Excalibur Software: Pride of the Federation (1987)

Firebird Software Ltd: Imagination (1987)

First Row Software: Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I. (1987)

Gilsoft International Ltd: Escape to Eskelos (1987)

Global Games: Castle Thade Revisited (1987)

Global Games: Number 6 in the Village (1987)

Hooy-Program: Smok Waweiski (1987)

Humbug Software/Graham Cluley: Jacaranda Jim (v5.00) (1987-1993)

ICOM Simulations, Inc: Shadowgate (1987, 88)

Incentive Software Ltd: Karyssia: Queen of Diamonds (1987)

Incentive Software Ltd: Driller (1987)

Infocom: Beyond Zork (1987)

Infocom: Bureaucracy (1987)

Infocom: Stationfall (1987)

Infocom: The Lurking Horror (1987)

Infocom: Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It (1987)

Infocom: Plundered Hearts (1987)

Infocom: Border Zone (1987)

Infocom: Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels (1987)

Infogrames: The Inheritance Panic in Las Vegas. (1987)

Infogrames: The Sidney Affair (1987)

Interceptor Micros: Asiento (1987)

Interceptor Micros: Sword of Kings (1987)

Jsj Soft Ltd: Historias de Medialand (1987)

Kelsoft: Escape into Space (1987)

Lankhor: Mortville Manor (1986-1987)

Level 9 Computing: The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole (1987)

Level 9 Computing: Gnome Ranger (1987)

Level 9 Computing: Knight Orc (1987)

LucasArts: Maniac Mansion (1987)

Magnetic Scrolls: The Guild of Thieves (1987)

Magnetic Scrolls: Jinxter (1987)

Mainframe adventures: Quest of the Sangraal (1987 or 1988)

Mainframe adventures: Crobe (1987 or 1988)

Mainframe adventures: Nidus (1987 or 1988)

Marlin Games: The Jade Stone (1987)

Melbourne House: Shadows of Mordor (1987)

Miles Computing: The Fool's Errand (1987)

Novagen Software Ltd: Mercenary: Escape from Targ (1987)

Palace Software: Stifflip & Co (1987)

Palas: Bad Night (1987)

Paragon Software Corporation: Twilight's Ransom (1987, 88)

PolarWare: Talisman: Challenging the Sands of Time (1987)

River Software: The Challenge (1987)

River Software: The Cup (1987)

River Software: The Hammer of Grimmold (1987)

River Software: The Jade Necklace (1987)

River Software: Realm of Darkness (1987)

Robico Software: Village of Lost Souls (1987)

Robico Software: The Hunt (1987)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: King's Quest: Quest for the Crown (1984 (written 1983; rereleased 1987))

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge (1987)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Leisure Suit Larry I: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards (1987)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (1987)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Mixed-up Mother Goose (1987, 90)

Smart Egg Software: Rigel's Revenge (1987)

Spectrum Holobyte: Dondra - A New Beginning (1987)

Tartan Software: Castle Eerie (1987)

Tartan Software: The Crown of Ramhotep (1987)

Tartan Software: The Prospector (1987)

Tartan Software: Rays (1987)

Tartan Software: Shipwreck (1987)

Tartan Software: The White Door: Crisis at Christmas (1987)

Tartan Software: The Yellow Door (1987)

Tartan Software: Six-In-One (1987)

Tartan Software: Double Agent (1987)

Tartan Software: The Prince of Tyndal (1987)

Topologika Ltd: Countdown to Doom (1987)

Topologika Ltd: Philosopher's Quest (1987?)

Top Ten Software: Axe (1987)

Tynesoft: Savage Island 2 (1987)

Ultrasoft (SL): Dokonala Vrazda 1 (1987)

US Gold Ltd: Killed Until Dead (1987)

Various companies: Witch Hunt (1987)

Whalkira Software: Johny Melabo (1987)

Wrightchoice Software: The Lost Ruby (1987)

Wrightchoice Software: The Crown - Journey (1987)

Wrightchoice Software: Operation Stallion (1987)

Wrightchoice Software: Operation Berlin (1987)

Zenobi Software: Bulbo and the Lizard-King (1987)

Zenobi Software: Davy Jones Locker (1987)

Zenobi Software: The Labours of Hercules (1987)

Zenobi Software: Number Six in the Village (1987)

Zenobi Software: Project Nova (1987)

Zenobi Software: Secret of Little Hodcome (1987)

Zenobi Software: Witch Hunt (1987)

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