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Access Software: 1: Mean Streets (1989)

Accolade: The Third Courier (1989)

Aventuras AD: Jabato vs Imperio: Libertad (1989)

Aventuras AD: La Aventura Original (1989)

Aventuras AD: Wamwort (1989)

Compass Software: The Hobble Hunter (1989)

Compass Software: Intruder Alert (1989)

Cosmi: Presumed guilty (1989)

Cybexlab Software: Belegost (1989)

Delphine Software: Les Voyageurs du Temps / Future Wars - Time Travellers (1989)

Digital Concepts: Island of Lost Hope (1989)

Dragonware Games: Ooze - Als die Geister mürbe wurden (1989)

Dragonware Games: Die Drachen von Laas (The Dragons of Laas) (1989)

Dynamix: David Wolf Secret Agent (1989)

Eldritch Games Ltd: The Hound of Shadow (1989)

Electronic Arts: The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel (1989)

Exxos: Kult (1989)

Global Games: Clerics Quest (1989)

Global Games: Dark Storm (1989)

Global Games: The Limehouse Mystery (1989)

Global Games: Once Upon a Lily Pad (1989)

Global Games: Set Up! (1989)

Global Games: Survivor (1989)

Global Games: Thor (1989)

Infocom: James Clavell's Shogun (1989)

Infocom: Journey (1989)

Infocom: Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur (1989)

Level 9 Computing: Scapeghost (1989)

LucasArts: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

Magnetic Scrolls: Myth (1989)

Marlin Games: Agatha's Folly (1989)

Mastertronic: Demon's Tomb: The Awakening (1989)

Melbourne House: Crack of Doom (1989)

MicroIllusions: The Jetsons - George Jetson and the Legend of Robotopia (1989)

Psychedelic Hedgehog Software: A Shadow on Glass (1989)

Psygnosis: Chrono Quest II (1989)

River Software: The Bounty Hunter (1989)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: King's Quest: Quest for the Crown (Enhanced Version) (1989)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon (1989)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Leisure Suit Larry III: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals (1989)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Hero's Quest / Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero (1989)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: The Colonel's Bequest (1989)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Manhunter 2: San Francisco (1989)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Codename: Iceman (1989)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Conquests of Camelot: King Arthur, The Search for the Grail (1989)

Tartan Software: The Gordello Incident (1989)

Telarium Corporation: The Scoop (1986 (rerelased by Spinnaker 1989))

Various companies: Bilbo (v2.0) (1989)

Various companies: Ice and Fire (around 1989)

Various companies: Success, Inc. (about 1989)

Westwood Studios: Circuit's Edge (1989)

Zenobi Software: Behind Closed Doors 3: Revenge of the Ants (1989)

Zenobi Software: Behind Closed Doors 4: Balrog's D... (1989)

Zenobi Software: Demigod (1989)

Zenobi Software: From Out of a Dark Night Sky (1989)

Zenobi Software: A Legacy for Alaric (1989)

Zenobi Software: Lightmare (1989)

Zenobi Software: Pawns of War (1989)

Zenobi Software: Pawns of War 2: Infiltrator (1989)

Zenobi Software: The Pendant of Logryn (1989)

Zenobi Software: Retarded Creatures and Caverns (1989)

Zenobi Software: Snow Dogs Trilogy part 1: Crack City (1989)

Zenobi Software: Teacher Trouble (1989)

Zenobi Software: Nightwing (1989)

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