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Access Software: 4: The Pandora Directive (1996)

Activision, Inc: Spycraft: The Great Game (1996)

Activision, Inc: Santa Fe Mysteries: Sacred Ground (1996)

Adventure Probe Software: Rhyme Cryme (1996)

Adventure Probe Software: Search for the Wonderful Whotsit (1996)

Automata UK Ltd: Frogg Adventure (1996)

Infogrames: Alone in the Dark Trilogy (1996?)

Legend Entertainment Company: Star Control 3 (1996)

Mirage Software: Krystal Worlds II (1996)

Psygnosis: Chronicles of the Sword (1996)

Pulse Entertainment Inc: Bad Mojo (1996)

Sales Curve Interactive: Kingdom O' Magic (1996)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Leisure Suit Larry's Greatest Hits and Misses (1996)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Police Quest Four most wanted (1996)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Quest for Glory Anthology (1996)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Phantasmagoria II: A Puzzle of Flesh (1996)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Rama (1996)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Lighthouse (1996)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: Shivers (1996)

Trilobyte, Inc: Clandestiny (1996)

Virgin Games: Circle of Blood (1996)

Zenobi Software: Rhyme Cryme (1996)

Zenobi Software: Trouble With Trolls (1996)

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