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Accolade: Law of the West (1985)

Adventure International: 1: Adventureland (1978)

Adventure International: 2: Pirate Adventure (aka Pirate's Cove) (1978-1979?)

Adventure International: 13: Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle (1984)

Adventure International: 14: Return to Pirate's Island (1983)

Adventure International: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (1985)

Adventure International: 1: The Hulk (1984)

Adventure International: 2: Spiderman (1984)

Adventure International: 3: Fantastic Four (Human Torch & The Thing) (1985)

Adventure International: 2: Crowley Manor / The Curse of Crowley Manor (1981)

Adventure International: 3: Escape from Traam (1981)

Adventure International: 4: San Francisco 1906 / Earthquake San Francisco 1906 (1982)

Adventure International: Saigon: The Final Days (1982 (or 1983))

Adventure International UK: Gremlins (1984)

Adventure International UK: Robin of Sherwood: The Touchstones of Rhiannon (1985)

Adventure International UK: Seas of Blood (1986)

Adventure International UK: Rebel Planet (about 1986)

Adventure Soft UK: Temple of Terror

Adventure Soft UK: Blizzard Pass (1986)

Adventure Soft UK: Kayleth (Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine Presents) (1987)

Aegis Developments: Arazok's Tomb (1987)

Alternative Software Ltd: Lifeterm (1987)

Automata UK Ltd: Frogg Adventure (1996)

Avant-Garde Creations: Race for Midnight (1981)

Bamby Software: Mystery Manor (1984)

Beyond Software: Lords of Midnight (1984)

Beyond Software: Doomdark's Revenge (1985)

Beyond Software: Sorderon's Shadow (1985)

Bytepack: James Bond: Octopussy (1992)

Carnell Software: Volcanic Dungeon (updated version) (1984)

Carnell Software: Black Crystal (1982)

Compass Software: The Blood of Bogmole (1986)

Creative Sparks: Danger Mouse in Black Forest Chateau (1984)

Creative Sparks: Danger Mouse in Double Trouble (1984)

Creative Sparks: Danger Mouse in Making Whoopee (1985)

CRL Group PLC: Dracula (1986)

CRL Group PLC: The Very Big Cave Adventure (1986)

CRL Group PLC: Jack the Ripper (1988)

CRL Group PLC: Murder off Miami (1987)

CRL Group PLC: The Woods of Winter (1984)

CRL Group PLC: The War of the Worlds (1984)

Datasoft, Inc: The Dallas Quest (1984)

Delta 4 Software: The Colour of Magic (1986)

Destiny Software: Destiny (1985)

Digital Concepts: Island of Lost Hope (1989)

Dinamic Software: Arquimedes XXI (1986)

Dinamic Software: Cobra's Arc (1986)

Domark Ltd: Eureka (1984)

Dragonware Games: Hellowoon (1985)

Dragonware Games: Ooze - Als die Geister mürbe wurden (1989)

Dragonware Games: Ooze - Creepy Nites

Dragonware Games: Die Drachen von Laas (The Dragons of Laas) (1989)

Enigma Variations: The Famous Five on a Treasure Island (1990)

Firebird Software Ltd: Subsunk (1985)

Firebird Software Ltd: The Wild Bunch (1984)

Five Ways Software Ltd: Aztex: Hunt for the Sun-God (1984)

Five Ways Software Ltd: King Arthur's Quest (1984)

Five Ways Software Ltd: Lone Wolf 1: Flight from the Dark (1984)

Five Ways Software Ltd: Lone Wolf 2: Fire on the Water (1984)

Gainstar: Dungeon Quest

Global Software: The Magician's Ball (1985)

Gremlin Graphics: Suspicious Cargo (1991)

Gremlin Graphics: Tinderbox (1985)

Hutchinson Computer Publishing: The Fourth Protocol

Infocom: Zork Zero: The Revenge of Megaboz (1988)

Infocom: James Clavell's Shogun (1989)

Infocom: Journey (1989)

Infocom: Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur (1989)

Interactive Technologies: Dance of the Vampires

Interceptor Micros: Heroes of Karn (1983)

Interceptor Micros: Jewels of Babylon (1984)

Interceptor Micros: Empire of Karn (1985)

Interplay Productions: Borrowed Time (1985)

Interplay Productions: Tass Times in Tonetown (1986)

Jor-And: Secret Agent

Legend Entertainment Company: Spellcasting 101: Sorcerers Get All the Girls (1990)

Legend Entertainment Company: Timequest (1991)

Legend Entertainment Company: Spellcasting 201: The Sorcerer's Appliance (1991)

Legend Entertainment Company: Frederik Pohl's Gateway (1992)

Legend Entertainment Company: Spellcasting 301: Spring Break (1992)

Legend Entertainment Company: Eric the Unready (1993)

Legend Entertainment Company: Gateway II: Homeworld (1993)

Level 9 Computing: Gnome Ranger (1987)

Level 9 Computing: Gnome Ranger II: Ingrid's Back (1988)

Level 9 Computing: Knight Orc (1987)

Level 9 Computing: Lancelot (1988)

Level 9 Computing: Scapeghost (1989)

LucasArts: Labyrinth (1986)

Magnetic Scrolls: The Pawn (1985)

Magnetic Scrolls: The Guild of Thieves (1987)

Magnetic Scrolls: Jinxter (1987)

Magnetic Scrolls: Corruption (1988)

Magnetic Scrolls: Fish! (1988)

Magnetic Scrolls: Myth (1989)

Magnetic Scrolls: Wonderland (1990)

Magnetic Scrolls: Magnetic Scrolls Collection, Volume I (1991)

Mark Data Products: Shenanigans (1983)

Mark Data Products: Sea Search (1983)

Mark Data Products: Calixto Island (1983 (the TO version might be earlier))

Mark Data Products: Black Sanctum (1983 (the TO version might be earlier))

Mark Data Products: Trekboer (1984)

Mark Data Products: The Vortex Factor (1985)

Mastertronic: Play it Again Sam (1986)

Med Systems Software: The Institute (1981)

Med Systems Software: Lucifer's Realm (1982)

Med Systems Software: ASYLUM (1985)

Melbourne House: The Hobbit (Enhanced Version) (1985)

Melbourne House: Shadows of Mordor (1987)

Melbourne House: Merry Christmas (1984)

Melbourne House: Kwah? (1986)

Micro Fun: Death in the Caribbean (1983)

Mikro-Gen Ltd: The Witch's Cauldron (1985)

Ocean Software Ltd: The Neverending Story (1986)

Ocean Software Ltd: Hunchback - The Adventure (1986)

Odyssee: Die Lange Ruekkehr

Palace Software: Demoniak (1991)

Penguin Software Inc: The Quest (1983)

Phoenix Software: Dodge City (1984)

Phoenix Software: Masquerade (1983)

Phoenix Software: Fraktured Faebles (1985)

Prickly Pear Software: To Preserve Quandic

Quicksilva: The Thompson Twins Adventure (1984)

Radarsoft: Steen der wijzen (The Magic Stone) (1984)

Radarsoft: In den beginne

Radarsoft: De sekte

Radarsoft: Mr. Chip Nibble

Radarsoft: Aurum

Radarsoft: Noach 3000

Radarsoft: Hollanditis

Ram Jam Corporation, The: Twice Shy (1986)

Robico Software: The Hunt (1987)

Robico Software: Escape from Enthar 7

Ruppelware: Part II: The French Connection

Satchel Software: Jara Tava: The Isle of Fire (1988)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: 6: Dark Crystal (1982)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: The Gelfling Adventure (1984)

Siliconsoft: Legend of the Sword (1988)

Sirius Software: Critical Mass (1982)

Sirius Software: Gruds in Space (1983)

Sir Rah Software: Severed Heads (1991)

Smart Egg Software: The Quest for the Golden Eggcup (1988)

Taskset: Souls of Darkon (1985)

Telarium Corporation: Fahrenheit 451 (1984)

Telarium Corporation: Amazon (1984)

Telarium Corporation: Dragonworld (1984-1985)

Telarium Corporation: Nine Princes in Amber (1985)

Telarium Corporation: Perry Mason: The Case of the Mandarin Murder (1985)

Telarium Corporation: Treasure Island (1985)

Tynesoft: Super Gran: The Adventure (1985)

Tynesoft: Savage Island 2 (1987)

Ultrasoft (US): Mask of the Sun (1982 (rereleased 1984 with music))

Ultrasoft (US): The Serpent's Star (1983 (rereleased 1985))

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