Adventureland: Search Results

Aardvark: Pyramid (1984)

Artworx: Gwendolyn (before 1984)

Automata UK Ltd: Paradise in Microdot (1985)

Carnell Software: The Wrath of Magra

Double Play Adventures: A Tangled Tale (1985)

Double Play Adventures: To the Manor Bourne (1984)

Hooy-Program: Smok Waweiski (1987)

Interceptor Micros: Token of Ghall (1983)

L. A. Enterprises: Gypsum Cave

Mainframe adventures: Battlestar (1979)

Martech Games Ltd: Odyssey of Hope (1984)

Mastertronic: Se-Kaa of Assiah (1984)

Mastertronic: Zzzz (1985)

Mastertronic: Sinbad and the Golden Ship (1986)

Mastertronic: Venom (1988)

Mastertronic: Majik (1988)

Mountain Valley Software: Smuggler's Inn

Quicksilva: The Ring of Power (1983)

Scorpio Software: Randy Warner and the Aztec Idol (1985)

Scorpio Software: Time Quest (1985)

Softgold: 2: Ninja Killer

Softgold: Nuclear War Games (1985)

Softgold: Mystery of Munroe Manor (1984)

Softgold: The Search for King Solomon's Mines

UK Lead: 99Y (1986)

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