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Alpha-Omega Software: Custerd's Quest (1986)

Americana Software Ltd: Spy Trek (1987)

Artic Computing: Adventure 'E' (The Golden Apple) (1983)

Artic Computing: Adventure 'F' (Eye of Bain) (1984)

Artic Computing: Adventure 'H' (Robin Hood) (1985)

Artic Computing: Dead at the Controls (1985)

Automata UK Ltd: Xtroth - The Adventure (1985)

Automata UK Ltd: Royal Adventures of a Common Frog (1985)

Aventuras AD: Chichen-Itzá

Aventuras AD: Jabato vs Imperio: Libertad (1989)

Aventuras AD: La Aventura Original (1989)

Aventuras AD: La Diosa de Cozumel (1990)

Aventuras AD: Los Templos Sagrados (1991)

Aventuras AD: Wamwort (1989)

Aventuras AD: La Destruccion de America

Aventuras AD: La Guerra de las Vajillas (1988)

Aventuras AD: La Maldicion de Aros

Aventuras AD: Las Minas Perdidas (1990)

Aventuras AD: Palace Hotel

Aventuras AD: Supervivencia (El Firfurcio) (1988)

Aventuras AD: Sir Sigfrid (1986)

Aventuras AD: Pepe Carvalho en Los Pajaros de Bangkok

Bug-Byte Software Ltd: Twin Kingdom Valley (1983)

Bug-Byte Software Ltd: The Dogboy (1985)

Codemasters: Necris Dome (1987)

Collins Educational: Nursery Rhyme Adventure

Compass Software: Demon from the Darkside (1986)

Compass Software: Demon from the Darkside 2: Golden Mask (1987)

Compass Software: Demon from the Darkside 3: Devil's Hand

Compass Software: Intruder Alert (1989)

Compass Software: Intruder Alert 2: Invaders From Planet X

CRL Group PLC: The Secret of St. Brides (1985)

CRL Group PLC: Bugsy (1986)

CRL Group PLC: Loads of Midnight (1987)

Datasoft, Inc: Dark Lord (1987)

Delta 4 Software: Sherwood Forest (1984)

Delta 4 Software: Return of the Joystick

Delta 4 Software: The Boggit (1986)

Delta 4 Software: The Big Sleaze (1987)

Deltoid Developments: Immortality Rules OK (1987)

Digital Fantasia: Gold Bars (1983)

Dinamic Software: Don Quijote (1987)

Dinamic Software: Megacorp (1987)

Dinamic Software: Yenght: La Fuente de la Juventud (1985)

Domark Ltd: Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less (1987)

Dream Software Ltd: The Quest for the Holy Grail (1984)

Dream Software Ltd: The Dungeon Builder (1984)

Eighth Day: Four Minutes to Midnight (1987)

Eighth Day: Ice Station Zero (1985)

Eighth Day: A Harvesting Moon (1985)

Eighth Day: Ronnie goes to Hollywood (1987)

Elven Adventurers: Conman the Barbaric (1991)

English Software: Stranded (1984)

Firebird Software Ltd: Seabase Delta (1985)

Firebird Software Ltd: Imagination (1987)

Firebird Software Ltd: Poltergeist (1986)

Firebird Software Ltd: The Wild Bunch (1984)

Games Workshop: Tower II: The Key of Hope (1985)

Gilsoft International Ltd: Escape to Eskelos (1987)

Gilsoft International Ltd: The Ticket (1986)

Hewson Consultants Ltd: Fantasia Diamond (1984)

Hewson Consultants Ltd: Quest Adventure (1983)

Hodder & Stoughton Ltd: Peter Pan (1984)

Howarth, Brian: 1: The Golden Baton (1981, 1982)

Howarth, Brian: 2: The Time Machine (1981)

Howarth, Brian: 3: Arrow of Death, part 1 (1981, 82)

Howarth, Brian: 4: Arrow of Death, part 2 (1982)

Howarth, Brian: 5: Escape from Pulsar 7 (1982)

Howarth, Brian: 6: Circus (1982)

Howarth, Brian: 7: Feasibility Experiment (1983?)

Howarth, Brian: 8: The Wizard of Akyrz (1983?)

Howarth, Brian: 9: Perseus and Andromeda (1983)

Howarth, Brian: 10: Ten Little Indians (1983)

Howarth, Brian: 11: Waxworks (1983)

Incentive Software Ltd: Winter Wonderland (1986)

Incentive Software Ltd: The Legend of the Apache Gold (1986)

Incentive Software Ltd: Timewise (1986)

Incentive Software Ltd: Karyssia: Queen of Diamonds (1987)

Incentive Software Ltd: Adventure C: Ship of Doom (update 2) (1986)

Interplay Productions: Mindshadow (1984)

Interplay Productions: The Tracer Sanction (1984)

Jsj Soft Ltd: Historias de Medialand (1987)

Level 9 Computing: Colossal Adventure (1983)

Level 9 Computing: Adventure Quest (1983)

Level 9 Computing: Dungeon Adventure (1984)

Level 9 Computing: Snowball (1983)

Level 9 Computing: Return to Eden (1984)

Level 9 Computing: The Worm in Paradise (1985)

Level 9 Computing: Lords of Time (1983)

Level 9 Computing: Red Moon (1985)

Level 9 Computing: The Price of Magik (1986)

Level 9 Computing: Emerald Isle (1984)

Level 9 Computing: The Saga of Erik the Viking (1984)

Level 9 Computing: The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4 (1985)

Level 9 Computing: The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole (1987)

Marlin Games: The Jade Stone (1987)

Mastertronic: The Quest for the Holy Grail (1984)

Mastertronic: Kentilla (1985 or 1986)

Melbourne House: The Hobbit (1983)

Melbourne House: Sherlock (1985)

Melbourne House: The Lord of the Rings: Game One (The Fellowship of the Ring) (1985)

Melbourne House: Castle of Terror (1984)

Mikro-Gen Ltd: Genesis II (1984)

Mikro-Gen Ltd: S.A.S. Assault (1983)

Mikro-Gen Ltd: The Sorcerer's Castle (1983)

Mosaic Publishing: The Snow Queen (1985)

Number 9 Software: Beatle Quest (1985)

Odisea Software: Abracadabra (1988)

Phipps Associates: Colditz Castle (1983)

Phipps Associates: Greedy Gulch (1983)

Phipps Associates: Knight's Quest (1983)

Phipps Associates: Magic Mountain (1983)

Phipps Associates: The Pharaoh's Tomb (1983)

Phoenix Software: Queen of Phobos (1982)

PolarWare: Oo-Topos (1986)

Psychedelic Hedgehog Software: Moon Magic (1991)

Psychedelic Hedgehog Software: A Shadow on Glass (1989)

Ram Jam Corporation, The: Valkyrie 17 (1985)

Richard Shepherd Software: Upper Gumtree (1984)

Richard Shepherd Software: Invincible Island (1983)

Richard Shepherd Software: Urban Upstart (1983)

Richard Shepherd Software: The Inferno (1983)

Richard Shepherd Software: Ship of the Line (1982)

Sacred Scroll Software: Operation Thunderbowel (1988)

Scorpion: Codebook Caper (1984)

Scorpio Software: Code Book Caper (1984)

Scorpio Software: Ruby Runabout (1984)

Scorpio Software: Serpent from Hell (1985)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: 0: Mission Asteroid (1980 (rereleased by SierraVenture in 1982))

Sierra On-Line, Inc: 1: Mystery House (1980 (written during 1979; rereleased by SierraVenture 1982))

Sierra On-Line, Inc: 4: Ulysses and the Golden Fleece (1981 (rereleased by SierraVenture in 1982))

Spoof Software: The Prisoner (1985)

Star Dreams: Aural Quest (1984)

System 4: La Corona (1988)

Tartan Software: Castle Eerie (1987)

Tartan Software: The Crown of Ramhotep (1987)

Tartan Software: The Prospector (1987)

Tartan Software: Shipwreck (1987)

Telarium Corporation: Rendezvous with Rama (1984)

Top Ten Software: Axe (1987)

Top Ten Software: Inspector Flukeit (1986)

Wrightchoice Software: The Lost Ruby (1987)

Xenon: Bajke (1985)

Xenon: Smrkci

Xenon: Strumpfovi (1986)

Zafiro Software: Legend

Zenobi Software: Snow Dogs Trilogy part 1: Crack City (1989)

Zenobi Software: Theseus and the Minotaur (1990)

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