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Aardvark: Mars

Abstract Concepts: Mindfighter (1988)

Accolade: Les Manley, Lost in L. A.

Activision, Inc: Return to Zork (1993)

Activision, Inc: Zork: Nemesis

Activision, Inc: Zork: Grand Inquisitor

Addison-Wesley: The Hobbit (1985)

Adventure International: Return to Pirate Island 2 (1999)

Adventure International: 3: Mission Impossible / Impossible Mission / Secret Mission (1979)

Adventure International: 4: Voodoo Castle (1980?)

Adventure International: 5: The Count (1981)

Adventure International: 6: Strange Odyssey (1981?)

Adventure International: 7: Mystery Fun House / Fun House Mystery (1981 or earlier)

Adventure International: 8: Pyramid of Doom (1981?)

Adventure International: 9: Ghost Town (1981?)

Adventure International: 10: Savage Island, part 1 (1982?)

Adventure International: 11: Savage Island, part 2 (1982?)

Adventure International: 12: Golden Voyage (1982?)

Adventure International: Labyrinth of Crete (1983)

Airwave Adventures: The Case of the Cautious Condor

Alligata Software Ltd: Here Comes the Sun (1983)

Alternative Software Ltd: Football Frenzy (1987)

Alternative Software Ltd: Excalibur: Sword of Kings (1987)

Anirog: Catacombs

Atlantis Software Ltd: Dungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists n' Everythin' / DAA-Adventure (1991)

Automata UK Ltd: Pimania (1982)

Automata UK Ltd: Crusoe (1984)

Broderbund Software: Deadly Secrets (1982)

Broderbund Software: Blood Quest (1984)

Crystalware: Fantasyland 2041 A. D.

Datamost: Mabel's Mansion (1984)

Datasoft, Inc: Sands of Egypt (1982)

Davka: The Lion's Share (1983)

Davka: The Philistine Ploy (1983)

Delta 4 Software: Bored of the Rings (1985)

Delta 4 Software: Robin of Sherlock

DT Soft: Mundo Fantastico

Eighth Day: The Raven (1988)

Electric Software: (They Say the World Will Die In) Fire and Ice (1984)

Electric Transit: Wilderness: A Survival Adventure

Electronic Arts: Labyrinth of Time

Empire: Dream Web (1995)

FGC: The Last Warrior

Firebird Software Ltd: Runestone (1986)

First Row Software: Twilight Zone

Free Spirit Software: Sex Vixens from Outer Space

Free Spirit Software: Planet of Lust

Free Spirit Software: Brad Stallion Sex Olympics

Free Spirit Software: Bride of the Robots

FTL: Sundog

Games Workshop: Runestone

Global Software: The Beer Hunter (1986)

Global Software: Old Scores

Highland Computer Services: Mummy's Curse

Highland Computer Services: Oldorf's Revenge

Imagine Software Ltd: Alchemist

IMS Software: Waydor (1984)

IMS Software: Ghoulies (1985)

Interceptor Micros: Forest at the World's End (1984)

Interceptor Micros: Message from Andromeda (1986)

Interceptor Micros: Asiento (1987)

Interceptor Micros: Sword of Kings (1987)

Interstel: Earthrise (1992)

Level 9 Computing: The Archers (1986)

Lifestyle: Sanctuary

Logical Choice, The: Castles of Darkness (1981)

Lothlorien: Stolen Lamp

LucasArts: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

LucasArts: Loom (1990)

LucasArts: The Secret of Monkey Island (1990)

LucasArts: Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle (1993)

LucasArts: The Curse of Monkey Island (1997)

Mastertronic: Demon's Tomb: The Awakening (1989)

Med Systems Software: Deathmaze 5000

Med Systems Software: Labyrinth

Melbourne House: The Hobbit (1983)

Melbourne House: Terrormolinos (1985)

Melbourne House: Crack of Doom (1989)

Melbourne House: Where Hobbits Dare

Micrograf: Vampire Castle (1984)

MicroIllusions: Romantic Encounters at the Dome (1988)

MicroProse: Dragonsphere

MicroProse: Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender

No Man's Land: Tyrann (1984)

Origin: Ring Quest (1986)

Oxford Digital Enterprises: Macbeth, the Computer Adventure (1985)

Paragon Software Corporation: Twilight's Ransom (1987, 88)

Penguin Software Inc: Transylvania (1982 (rereleased 1984))

Penguin Software Inc: The Coveted Mirror (1983)

Penguin Software Inc: Ring Quest (1983)

Phoenix Software: Sherwood Forest (1982)

PK Soft: Lapis Philosophorum: The Philosopher's Stone

PolarWare: Transylvania (1985)

PolarWare: The Coveted Mirror (1986)

PolarWare: Frank and Ernest's Adventure

Protecto Enterprises: Cyberworld

Pryority Software: Forbidden Quest (1984)

Psychedelic Hedgehog Software: Saga of a Mad Barbarian (1992)

Pulse Entertainment Inc: Bad Mojo (1996)

Quarkdata: Mystery Towers

Quicksilva: Smuggler's Cove (1983)

Ram Jam Corporation, The: Three Days in Carpathia

Random House Software: The Alpine Encounter (1983)

Readysoft: Scary Mutant Space Aliens from Mars

Saber Software: Demon's Forge (1983)

Sanctuary Woods: The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time (1995)

Screenplay: Asylum (about 1983)

Severn Software: Mines of Moria

Severn Software: Grail (1983)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: 2: The Wizard and the Princess / Adventure in Serenia (1980 (rereleased by SierraVenture 1982))

Sierra On-Line, Inc: 3: Cranston Manor (1981)

Sierra On-Line, Inc: 5: Time Zone (1982 (written 1981; probably rereleased by SierraVenture in 1982))

Silverbyte: Xaram

Sirius Software: Escape from Rungistan (1982)

Sirius Software: Kabul Spy (1982)

Sirius Software: Blade of Blackpoole (1982)

Sir-Tech: Crypt of Medea (1984)

Spacecom: Die Karavane der siebten Dynastie (1993)

Spectrum Holobyte: Dondra - A New Beginning (1987)

Starbyte: Soul Crystal

Star Dreams: The Sandman Cometh (1984)

Sunshine Press: The Eye of the Star Warrior

Superior Software: The Quest for the Holy Grail

Superior Software: Doom Valley

Tansoft: Land of Illusion

Telarium Corporation: The Scoop (1986 (rerelased by Spinnaker 1989))

Telarium Corporation: Swiss Family Robinson (1984)

Telarium Corporation: The Wizard of Oz (1984)

Telarium Corporation: Alice in Wonderland (1985)

Top Ten Software: Werewolf Simulator (1988)

Tsunami: Blue Force (1991)

Various companies: Bilbo (v2.0) (1989)

Various companies: Dare to Dream

Various companies: The Dark Tower (1984 or before)

Various companies: Infinite Inferno

Various companies: Klartz and the Dark Forces (1984)

Various companies: Last in Amsterdam (1992)

Various companies: Presumed Guilty (1991?)

Victory Software Corporation: Grave Robbers

Volker Lanz: The Crime of Music

Weltenschmiede: Das Stundenglas (circa 1988)

Weltenschmiede: Die Kathedrale (circa 1990)

Weltenschmiede: Hexuma (1992 or 1993)

Wintersoft: Juxtaposition

Wolf: Taran im Abenteurland

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