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Infocom Books

Apart from publishing interactive fiction, Infocom also published a number of novels based on their games.

Regular novels

  • Arther Byron Cover: Planetfall (1988)
  • Craig Shaw Gardner: Wishbringer (1988)
  • Robin Wayne Bailey: Enchanter
  • Arthur Byron Cover: Stationfall (1989)
  • George Alec Effinger: The Zork Chronicles (1990)
    Tells the story of an exploration of the Great Underground Empire, and also doubles as a study of Joseph Campbell's mono-myth (a la "Hero with One Thousand Faces").
  • Robin Wayne Bailey: The Lost City of Zork (1991)
    About the deposition of King Zilbo III, and the beginning of the Flathead dynasty with Duncanthrax on the throne.
  • Arthur Byron Cover: Futurefall (unpublished)
    This book in mentioned in Stationfall as being a continuation of that book, but it was never published.

Children's novels

There was also a series of children's books published by Tor, written by S. Eric Meretzky (Steve Meretzky). These books were also published in Britain by Penguin.

  • Zork - The Forces of Krill
  • Zork - The Malifestro Quest
  • Zork - The Cavern of Doom
  • Zork - Conquest at Quendor

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