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Penguin Software Inc

The company was called Penguin Software Inc until late 1985. They got into a dispute with Penguin Books and felt that they didn't have enough money to win a lawsuit. The name was then changed to PolarWare.

The Penguin games generally came in small (6" X 8") slipcover boxes containing a white cardboard tray with a foam insert padding and little more than a disk and a manual and warranty card.

Apart from adventure games, they also released the Graphics Magician. They also produced the "Adventures In" series, but these are not essentially adventure titles.

Penguin Software Inc has a homepage at http://www.magictree.com.

For more information, see PolarWare.


Graphics Written 1982 (rereleased 1984) by Antonia Antiochia in Graphics Magician.
Runs on:
Notes: The 1984 rerelease had better graphics and a different title screen.

Comments: Search the land of Transylvania to rescue the Princess Sabrina and return her safely to the King before the clock strikes five. On the way, you'll meet a werewolf and a vampire, and, what else, a flying saucer. For more information, see PolarWare

The Coveted Mirror

Type: G (some animations) Written 1983 by Eagle I. Burns and Holly Thomason.
Runs on:

Notes: Graphics using the Graphics Magician. This version features a few arcade sequences, including a jousting tournament.

Comments: In medieval times, you must escape captivity by the evil ruler Voar in search of the fifth and final shard of the shattered coveted mirror that will break Voar's power over the land of Starbury. For more information, see PolarWare

The Quest

Bitmap graphics Written 1983 by Dallas Snell, Joe Toler and Joel Ellis Rea.
Runs on:
Notes: It came on one 5 1/4" disk for the Apple II. This probably wasn't rereleased by PolarWare. A sequel, Ring Quest, followed shortly.

Package blurb:

You, as the king's newest advisor, must accompany his champion, Gorn, on a mission to rid the kingdom of a vengeful dragon terrorizing the southern provinces. The king has instructed Gorn to heed your advice, as you venture out on your journey to explore Balema and find the reptilian menace.

Ring Quest

Type: G (some animation) Written 1983 by Dallas Snell [story], Joe Toler [graphics], Dallas Snell [programming], Ron Goebel [programming] and Joel (Ellis) Rea [programming].
Runs on:

Notes: This is a sequel to The Quest. It contains two arcade sequences.

Package blurb:

The Ring of Chaos has possessed the enchantress Lisa and threatens the very fabric of the universe! Unless it is reunited with the Ring of Order, life as we know it may come to an end. The Ring of Order has now found its way into your hands...

Having been chosen as Ringbearer, you must track down the elusive Lisa in an effort to put an end to the havoc caused by the Ring of Chaos. Accompanied by Gorn, Champion of Balema, you must traverse a land fraught with perils and rife with fabulous monsters. Lisa must be freed from the demonic power of the Ring of Chaos - and only you can help her. Your only tools are your wits, the Ring of Order, and the strong right arm of Gorn. You will need all of these and more to survive.

For more information, see Origin

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