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A & B Computing Magazine

The adventure creation system AdventureScape was published in this magazine. Xanadu was the first game for that system. They later added functionality to the system and allowed games to read their data from disk files so the games could get bigger. Amnesia was the first game written for that new, larger system.

Graham West (graham@theramp.net) later used the concepts of AdventureScape for his own adventure authoring system on the Acorn Archimedes. He wrote a new parser and reworked the puzzle logic system to add extra conditions and actions. All the code was new but the ideas came from AdventureScape. That system was published as an A & B Computing Magazine cover disk in early 1992.


Written mid-1980s in AdventureScape.
Runs on:

Notes: Released as a program listing in a magazine. It was also available on disk, probably from the magazine distributors. It was almost certainly written by the same team as Xanadu.


Written mid-1980s in AdventureScape.
Runs on:

Comments: Set in the mystical land of Xanadu.

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

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