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To make this history of adventure games even better, I need help from all you out there (as I have gotten in the past). Some of the things that I would currently like help with are:

  • If you find anything that is wrong or missing in the file, let me know even if it's a minor change.

  • There are a number of games lumped together under the company name Various Companies. Please have a look at what's in there and see if you know the correct company name for anything.

  • I'd like to add more logos for the companies in the list and pictures of the covers of the games. Since I don't have all the games in the list (unfortunately?), I need you out there to scan the game covers you have and send the pictures to me.

    These games in particular would be nice to have scanned covers for since these are some of the major companies:

    • Legend Entertainment Company: Star Control III.
    • Level 9 Computing: The Worm in Paradise, Lords of Time, Red Moon, Emerald Isle, Erik the Viking, The Archers, Gnome Ranger II: Ingrid's Back, Knight Orc.
    • Delta 4 Software: Sherwood Forest, Quest for the Holy Joystick, Return of the Joystick.
    • Sierra On-Line, Inc: Cranston Manor, Softporn Adventure, The Gelfling Adventure, Dr. Brain, Krondor games, Eco Quest 1, Donald Duck's Playground, Turbo Science.

  • I'm trying to collect the original package blurbs for games to convey an idea of what the games are about. If you have original games lying around, I'd appreciate any package blurbs that you'd care to type in that I don't already have.
  • If you're really serious about helping me, read the Helping with Adventureland page.

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

If you find any errors or have information that is missing, please let me know