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Most of the games listed on Adventureland were written for computer systems that vanished long time ago. Anyway, there are numerous emulation projects in the net focused on bringing the old systems back to life on your brandnew PC or workstation. This page has links to various emulation ressources. Note: This page does neither provide links to system roms, nor will I answer requests for roms.

Windows and DOS

AMIGA Fellow http://fellow.sourceforge.net/ (Windows)
  UAE http://www.jackbox.com/users/ggoedert/dosuae/index.html (Dos)
http://www.winuae.net/ (Windows)
Amstrad CPC Caprice32 http://capice32.cybercube.com/ (Dos)
  WinAPE http://winape.emuunlim.com/ (Windows)
Apple II Oasis http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lakes/4414/A4W.HTM (Windows)
  AppleWIN ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/emulators/applewin/ (Windows)
  XGS http://xgs32.emucamp.com/ (Dos and Windows)
Atari 8bit Atari 800 http://www.concentric.net/~Twist/atari800win/ (Windows)
Atari ST Gemulator 2000 http://www.emulators.com/download.htm (Windows)
  Pacifist http://www.atari.st/pacifist/ (Dos)
  Winston http://stew.atari.org/ (Windows)
Commodore 64 CSS64 http://www.computerbrains.com/ (Dos and Windows)
  Frodo http://www.uni-mainz.de/~bauec002/FRMain.html (Dos and Windows)
  Vice http://viceteam.bei.t-online.de/ (Windows)
Macintosh Basilik II http://gamma.nic.fi/~lpesonen/BasiliskII/ (Dos and Windows)
  vMac http://www.vmac.org/ (Dos and Windows)

http://www.komkon.org/~dekogel/fmsx.html (Dos)
http://www.komkon.org/fms/fMSX (Windows)

  NLMSX http://nlmsx.generation-msx.nl/ (Windows)
PC Bochs http://bochs.sourceforge.net/ (Windows)
PC (DOS) Dosbox http://dosbox.sourceforge.net (Windows)
Spectrum Multimachine http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Stadium/4428/index.html (Windows)
  X128 http://www.worldofspectrum.org/x128/index.html (Dos)
Spectrum QL QLay http://web.inter.nl.net/hcc/A.Jaw.Venema/ (Dos and Windows)



AMIGA UAE http://www.freiburg.linux.de/~uae/
Atari ST StonX http://stonx.sourceforge.net/
Commodore 64 Frodo http://www.uni-mainz.de/~bauec002/FRMain.html
Macintosh Basilik II http://www.uni-mainz.de/~bauec002/B2Main.html


PC Bochs http://bochs.sourceforge.net/
  Dosbox http://dosbox.sourceforge.net
Spectrum QL QLay http://web.inter.nl.net/hcc/A.Jaw.Venema/


Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

If you find any errors or have information that is missing, please let me know