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Since I first posted my adventure list on rec.games.int-fiction, I have gotten feedback from an incredible number of people. I will make no attempt to list everyone who has contributed here, just a few of the major contributors. To all of you who have sent me information but aren't listed below: Thanks! To all of you who are listed here: Thanks even more! Without all of you, this list would be far from as complete as it is now.

  • Hans Persson
    For almost everything you find on these pages. He started Adventureland in 1993 and since then it advanced to the most valuable ressource for adventures and interactive fiction in the web.
  • Paul David Doherty
    For his old list of adventure games and an infinite number of answers. He also maintains a web page about adventure games. He has also re-created some of the company logos used on these pages.
  • Fredrik Ekman
    For his list of Tolkien-related games (not only adventures).
  • Phil Goetz
    For a very interesting article on interactive fiction.
  • Nathan Torkington
    For another list of adventure games.
  • Alan Cox
    For information on Adventure International UK (where he once worked). He's also the author of ScottFree, a freeware interpreter for playing Scott Adams games.
  • Jon Thackray and Jonathan R. Partington
    For information on mainframe adventures, Acornsoft and Topologika (where they worked).
  • Robert A. Pelak
    For going through Softalk magazine from 1980 to 1984 and contributing lots of information on Apple II games.
  • Jacob Gunness
    For immense amounts of information about Commodore 64 and Amiga games and other things.
  • Scott Adams
    For information about Adventure International (which he founded). He also has a web page with information about his new game project.
  • Wolfgang "Ungi" Unger
    For tons of information about Amiga games (mostly).
  • Rod Shepherd
    For going through his collection of games (some 3000 titles!) and catalogs and contributing lots of information. The above email address is not valid anymore. Let me know if you have a current one!
  • Jindrich Kubec
    For lots of information about Atari 8-bit games.
  • Crispin Boylan
    For supplying lots of information about what ran on BBCs.
  • Staffan Vilcans
    For supplying vast amounts of information about Spectrum games and lots of strange games in languages I hardly knew existed (well, almost anyway).
  • Gil Megidish
    For lots of cover scans from Sierra On-Line.
  • Andy Linnenkohl
    For lots of information and over 50MB of cover scans.
  • Henrik Jensen
    For various information and logos.
  • Troels H. Platz
    Lots of information, mostly about Sierra games.
  • Rene van Hasselaar
    For sending lots of mostly small but still important corrections.
  • C. E. Forman
    For contributing lots of additions from his large collection, especially lots of packaging information. He is also the proprietor of Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe.
  • Maike Liedtke
    For the Adventureland logo.
  • Anthony Guter
    For inside information from Mastertronic where he worked for six years.

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

If you find any errors or have information that is missing, please let me know