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[Great Britain]Talent Computer Systems

Both West and The Lost Kingdom of Zkul were written with a game generator designed by Alan Black.

Talent changed its name to Colin Ross Malone Ltd. and is still (1999) in business. They now concentrate on educational products and documentation for large organisations such as HP and the National Health Service.

At some point, their address was Curran Building, 101 St James Road, Glasgow G4 0NS, UK.

For more information, see RWAP Software.


Text only Written 1984 by Alan Black.
Runs on:
Notes: It has some real-time elements. The original list price was 19.95.

Comments: Quite neat adventure set in the wild west.

Package blurb:

You are on the track of a notorious gang of bank robbers who have gone to ground near an abandoned mining town deep in Indian territory. Your task - to outwit and outgun the robbers, collect as much loot as possible and piece together clues on how to escape.

A demanding and exiting text adventure for the experienced games-player, using over 200 words and as many phrases. There are over 130 locations to search - not all of them easy to find. Events happen in real-time outside your control - Indians charge, rattle-snakes slither past and robbers appear and shoot you. How long can you survive?

The Lost Kingdom of Zkul

Text only Written by Alan Black.
Runs on:
Notes: This belongs to the same series as West. The original list price was 19.95. An updated version of this game was sold for later version of the QL OS by RWAP Software in 1998.

Comments: Fantasy game.

Package blurb:

Explore the ancient dwelling-place of the Dwarves - where the Wizard guards the last precious secret.

A classic and complex text adventure with hundreds of locations and a huge vocabulary. Set in real-time with traps, tasks, puzzles and mazes - and a special note-pad feature to aid you.

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

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