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The Software Toolworks

The Software Toolworks was founded in 1980 by Walt Bilofsky. This company was later renamed Mindscape.

The Software Toolworks has a homepage at http://www.toolworks.com/.

For more information, see Mindscape, Inc.

The Original Adventure

Text only Written 1981 by Will Crowther and Don Woods.
Notes: This was a port of ADVENT. It was endorsed as the "official version" by Crowther and Woods, in return for a small royalty. Although many versions of Adventure were both sold and freely distributed, and although the game spawned an entire segment of the software industry, we were the only company ever to pay Crowther and Woods anything.

A user who earned all the points and found all the treasures would get a secret code from the program. On receipt of the code, The Software Toolworks would send the player a lovely Certificate of Wizardness, bearing (facsimile) signatures of both Crowther and Woods, and an embossed seal.

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

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